Preconceptions on fast loans, deconstructed by Provident, in a campaign signed by Jazz

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Romanian advertising agency Jazz and the financial non-banking institution Provident launched a new campaign – “Self-denounce” – which aims to continue to demolish, with humor, the preconceptions related to the fast loans from Provident.

With the new campaign, the agency continues the previous line of communication and works towards demolishing the most common preconceptions on fast short-term loans. Also, the campaign aims to change the perception according to which the non-banking financial institutions in Romania use improper practices during their interaction with the clients.

There are sometimes discrepancies between what our clients believe about Provident – because they do really know us – and what we sometimes read about ourselves over the internet. That is why, at Jazz’s proposal, we decided to take action and show, despite perception, how we really are: obsessed by rules and preoccupied to be correct and transparent every time with our clients

Marilena Barliga

The campaign is declined on a special section of Provident’s website and includes several movies that present company’s interaction with the clients, from the first visit at home to providing the details for the loan and reimbursing the money. Provident’s business model is shown with help of fictive characters.

It is a campaign for all those who look at our Provident with suspicious eyes. We would like them to look more clearly to the products Provident offers and to the business conduit this company has. We used humor and self-irony, the best weapons against preconceptions. And the biggest credit goes to the client, who had the courage to attack directly and with humor a tabu image problem until now

Valentin Suciu,

Creative Partner Jazz.



  • Roxana Panaitescu, Senior Copywiter
  • Valentin Suciu – Creative Partner & Regizor
  • Smaranda Murăruş – Art Director
  • Loredana Bănică – Client Service Director
  • Cristina Lungu – Senior Account Executive
  • Irina Pencea – Managing Partner

Provident: marketing & communication departments

Production House: Multimedia Est.