@ICEEfest 2015: 2,768 participants, 103 speakers and guests, 15 participating countries

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A week after ICEEfestInteractive Central and Eastern Europe Festival – took place, the organizers shared the representative data for 2015 edition of the event.


We continue the tradition of making public internal data and numbers, mot of them from independent sources. Through total transparency, we want to send a signal related to the way we want to develop this project. The honesty towards those who invest in the festival, through tickets or partnership, is a fundamental element of the process

Dragos Stanca,

Founder ICEEfest & representative ThinkDigital

From the total of 3,220 tickets issued for the event, 2,768 participants were present to ICEEfest events, according to data provided by the German company Xing Events, who insured the ticketing platform for the festival. The number is increased by 94% compared to last year, when 1.420 people were present.

On the other hand, 1.305 participants installed and are using the ICEEfest’s official app, developed together with the Dutch company  Double Dutch, while live concerts and festival’s party – organized together with CAT Music – gathered together 1.430 people.

On the other hand, 103 speakers and guests in different discussions panels took the stage during the 2 days of festival. The most important presentations will be available soon, for those who participated or intend to join next year’s edition, on ICEEfest Academy.

The event was attended by people from 15 countries, with 67% from Romania, but also people from Greece (6%), Moldova (3,5%), UK (3%), Poland (3%), Ukraine (2,2%), Czech Republic (2,2%), Bulgaria (2%), Hungary (2%), USA (1,8%), Russia (1,8%), UAE  (1,1%), Serbia (1.1%) and other countries.

According to Google Analytics data, ICEEfest.com attracted, between May 1st – June 15th, a total of 126.812 visitors.

The event had a large coverage in media and social media, with over 1,300 mentions in the same period.

According to a monitoring by MediaTrust, the used media were, in order, social media (848 mentions), online media (450), TV (18), newspapers and magazines (12) and radio (5).

ICEEfest is the most important event in the region dedicated to content, e-commerce, marketing and tech in digital sector and was organized by ThinkDigital in partnership with Orange and other 20 partners (with the main ones being axis – a Group M Company, Toyota Hybrid, Uber, AeRO, Huawei, Smart Ad Server, BCR, Prometheus and Acer).