Lions Health announced its winners

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Winners of the 2015 Pharma and Health & Wellness Lions have been announced at the Lions Health Awards Ceremony where in this, the second year of the competition, a total of 86 Pharma and Health & Wellness Lions were presented.

Pharma Lions

From the 432 entries submitted, 25 Lions were awarded in the Pharma section and DigitasLBI New York’s “Take it from a fish” for Astra Zeneca claimed the section’s first Grand Prix.

Commenting on the choice, Jury President Rob Rogers, Chief Creative Officer and Co-CEO, Sudler, said that the jury had been captivated by the standard of work, which he described as being of greater variety and quality this year and a sign that the competition had come of age.

The Grand Prix winner, he said, “blew the door off the category” and dispelled the myth that a challenging environment was a barrier to ideas. “Regulations don’t define creativity. Constraints can sometimes help creativity.”

Health & Wellness Lions

In another first, Leo Burnett Mexico claimed the country’s first ever Grand Prix for Proctor & Gamble Always’ “Intimate Words” in the Health & Wellness section.

Jury President, Andrew Spurgeon, Executive Creative Director, Langland, UK, said that the campaign provided otherwise silent women, the voice they needed to help protect their health.

“Even more incredible is the capacity for this idea to span women of all ages, and ultimately be passed down the generations. Always has managed to create a legacy by supporting this individual community, which in turn demonstrates the brand’s commitment to women the world over. A fantastic example of a brand that seeks to deliver life-changing creativity.”

61 Lions in total were handed out in this section, from a total of 1,430 entries.

Young Lions Health Award

The winner of the Young Lions Health Award, also launched this year in partnership with UNICEF and Unilever, was announced at tonight’s Awards Ceremony. The jury chose the team from Mr. President, Ryan Price and Cece Chu, for their ad ‘The Essentials’.

Special Awards

Finally, also announced were a series of Special Awards.

The Lions Health Grand Prix for Good – open to Gold Lion winning entries ineligible for a Grand Prix in their section – was judged by members of the Pharma and Health & Wellness Juries as well as representatives from the United Nations Foundation. Together, they chose FCB INFERNO London’s “This Girl Can” for Sport England.

The inaugural Healthcare Agency of the Year was given to Langland, Windsor, second to CDM London and third to Medulla, Mumbai. While the first ever Healthcare Network of the Year went to CDM Group, second to McCann Health and third to Publicis Healthcare Communications Group.

Commenting on all the results announced at the Awards Ceremony, Lions Health Festival Director, Louise Benson, said, “Tonight has shown that the healthcare communications industry is innovating, breaking boundaries and making their mark in creative excellence. We thank the jury for judging with integrity and passion and are pleased that in its second year, Lions Health is providing the arena to recognise the industry’s achievements.”