Cannes Lions Romania launches The Order of Creative Angels

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Cannes Lions Romania launches The Order of Creative Angels in Cannes, celebrating the 10 years of local representation for the most influential creative festival in the world.

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The Order was inaugurated to honor people and companies who supported, during the last 10 years, in a programmed, consistent and unconditional manner The Alternative School for Creative Thinking and, by doing that, the promotion of Romanian talents in the global competitions of Design, Print, Cyber, PR and Roger Hatchuel.

The Alternative School for Creative Thinking is the Creative MBA that allowed over 300 young people to specialize locally and than at the Lions Festivals during the last 10 years. In financial terms, the alternative education insured during the last decade is worth over half million Euros .

I kept wondering what could have been the tip of lance for celebrating the first 10 years of Cannes Lions in Romania: a party (but parties happen all the time), a magazine (maybe), a 10 years reunion (certainly, at the rght moment), a series of elite seminaries (but those already happen). The pressure of the few weeks before the festival were the ones to generate the idea: when the things are difficult, it worth to remember the people that made them simple, understood from the start the purpose of elite education for industry’s youngsters and supported financially, without backstage conditions, their presence to the international specializations and competitions from where they came back with Gold. With infinite gratitude for those who injected chance and life into The Alternative School, The Order of Creative Angels was born

Teodora Migdalovici,

Ambassador Cannes Lions in Romania.

Valentina Baicuianu, Geo Baraian – CEO Impression, Dragos Grigoriu – CEO Tempo Advertising, Tino Furtuna – GM Film Factor,  Florentina Taudor – GM, Renania and Ana Maria Cristina – GM MiniPRIX are those who receive the title of Chevalier of Arts and Communication.

The awards ceremony for  The Order of Creative Angels will take place after Cannes, during the next Creative Dinner signed by Love and Lobby, contemporary networking platform where awarded creatives are chefs and the dinner, although relaxed, has every time a valuable stake and a precise thematic – promoting Romanian creativity in its most diverse forms on all the international stages.

The first 10 years of representing Cannes Lions in Romania keeps between the accolades the mobilization of the entire creative industry for an assumed objective: performance in global competitions, promoting Romanian creativity as a discriminator for the national identity and forming a new generation of educated communicators in the most relevant international contexts. The results of this strategy weren’t late to appear: the Romanian industry had, for the first time in 54 years, representatives in Lions juries, important awards were won and, each year, the students from  The Alternative School came back home with highly respected distinctions, with the most valuable being Gold medals scooped in Cannes Lions in 2013 (Design) and 2014  (Cyber).

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