Project Agora expands in Hungary, starting September

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Project Agora launched in Hungary, with six of the leading Hungarian digital media players – RTL Hungary, Adaptive Media, Ads Interactive,Habostorta, and Russmedia – announcing their intent to launch Project Agora Hungary, in collaboration with TailWind.

The launching parties together own or represent 100+ premium websites, with more than 340M page views per month and a monthly reach of more than 3.7M. Hungarians. The coalition jointly reaches 70% of the Hungarian internet population, according to Gemius’ DKT June 2015

Odysseas Ntotsikas, TDG’s Managing Director & Founder:

Publisher Alliances have been blossoming around the world as they provide the only scalable way for local media players to reclaim back their market share and regain strategic independence. Project Agora Hungary utilizes the unique experience Tailwind has built in developing and managing truly independent marketplaces that add value to publisher inventory using technology, data and creativity to their benefit.

The official launch is scheduled for September 2015 and is supported by supported by Tailwind’s Hungarian office.

Project Agora’s mission is to bring laissez faire in advertising by creating trusted marketplaces that add value to advertisers while protecting the interests of local publishers.

Akos Szabo


Akos is the leader of Tailwind’s Hungarian operations starting July 1st and, previously, he was the country manager of TDG’s sales house company, Thinkdigital.