GMP PR to introduce on the Romanian market the AMEC standards to measure PR

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GMP PR will introduce customized measuring and evaluation methodologies for each communication campaign, according to the AMEC (International Association for Measurement and Evaluation of Communication) standards.

The introduction of the new principles comes after Ana-Maria Diceanu, Senior Partner GMP PR, received an AMEC certification. She is also the only specialist in Romania certified worldwide in measuring and evaluation.

Ana-Maria Diceanu - Senior Partner GMP PR (Source: GMP PR)
Ana-Maria Diceanu – Senior Partner GMP PR (Source: GMP PR)

Raising the standards of PR measurement in Romania is a constant preoccupation of our agency, reason why GMP PR invested, during the last several years, both in tools it offers to its clients and in events to help the market to get out from the pattern of a simple indexation of articles combined with calculating the advertising value

Ana-Maria Diceanu,

Senior Partner GMP PR.

During the 10 weeks of training with UK teachers, Ana-Maria had access to case studies, most recent measuring instruments and interacted with PR professionals from all over the world, gathering an expertise which will be offered to GMP PR’s clients.

GMP PR is the first PR agency that joined Romanian Transmedia Audit Bureau as a member and organized, in spring 2015, the first conference exclusively dedicated to evaluation.

Founded in 2015, GMP PR, part of GMP Group, is in Top 3 top PR agencies in Romania and, over the time, agency’s activity was recognized locally and internationally at Sabre Awards, European Excellence Awards or Romanian PR Award.