Initiative Romania relapses, transforms again Bucharest’s Xenofon street

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Romanian media agency Initiative relapsed and, for the second year in a row, gave a new color to Xenofon Street in Bucharest, Romanian capital’s only streets completely made out of stairs.

Str. Xenofon by Initiative

This year, Initiative worked together with Eva Radu and with support from Savana, a brand in Fabryo Corporation’s  portfolio. The socio-cultural project aims to give a new face to the street and to bring color and offer a good vibe to the inhabitants in the area and to those that happen to explore the place.

Str. Xenofon by Initiative (I)

This is the second year in a row when we bring to life Xenofon Street, with help of Eva Radu’s magical wand, and we are happy to see this street became an attraction point in Bucharest. If last year’s design represented a tribute to Bucharest, we wanted to come up this year with a drawing that will harmonize with the wonderful Carol Park, which is just over the street. Our objective remained the same, to offer everyone that comes in the area a little color and a good vibe

Alexandra Olteanu,

Managing Director, Initiative.

Str. Xenofon by Initiative (II)

After design reconfiguration this year, the street became an urban oasis where the 0 steps are nicely painted to present a mountain waterfall.