Lowe Romania, in campaign to”either drink beer or drink beer” for SKOL

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Lowe Romania made the new image campaign for SKOL, beer brand present on Romanian market in URBB’s portfolio. The campaign was launched in the start of July, with a TVC broadcasted by the main 8 TV station in Romania, and the media mix includes radio, transit, digital, OOH and trade.

SKOL_Ori bem bere, ori bem bere (3)

We were looking for a strong vision, to express in a relevant and honest way the nature of SKOL brand and its promises. We found that in the campaign proposed by Lowe, which convinced us with a memorable creative concept and showed it understands in depth SKOL’s consumers – as they showed also during the research stages we underwent to find out directly what consumers think about the new communication. From the inspired  gesture of opening the bottles to the slogan which will definitely enter the urban lanuage, the new SKOL communication is fresh, honest and speaks the language and in the spirit of our consumers

Paul Markovits,

Vicepresident Marketing URBB.

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“X: Well we either work or we leave it for tomorrow? Y: Wouldn’t it be better to drink a beer?” This is how a fragment of profound intellectual conversation between us sounded while we were in the pitch. And, from here, to “We either drink beer or we drink beer” it was only a step. Sometimes, this is how it happens. We liked it a lot, so we brought it up during the pitch. And we think we did the right thing. Maybe, otherwise, someone else would have said it. And, as it caught to us, it will also catch to other people, because simple words are the best. Especially when they come in the same package with the favorite beer – SKOL.

Vasile Alboiu,

Chief Creative Officer Lowe Group Romania

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Campaign’s TVC brings into the spotlight SKOL’s quality using as vehicle the original tactic of opening the beer bottle because “a quality beer opens as you want it to”. The concept behind the campaign came after an intense strategic and creative process, supported by a strong research component.

Campaign’s positioning for SKOL aimed to position it as a quality beer that can be consumed without the pretensions of any “expensive” beer. The creative translation came naturally: a quality beer is opened, chilled or enjoyed as the consumer wants, because good things mustn’t be postponed.

The signature of the campaign is borrowed from the usual language of beer consumers and tells that going out for a beer is a serious activity and anything that can hinder that must be overcome.


  • Lowe: Vasile Alboiu (Chief Creative Officer), Copywriters – Andrei Munteanu, Manuela Gogu and Maria Nagy.  Art Directors – Victor Oprișan, Dan Costea, Anca Mașek and Tiberiu Moldovan. Strategy team: Bogdan Ioniță and Andreea Lipară.  AV –  Ilinca Nanoveanu. Client Service: Alina Bălan (Client Service Director), Adriana Tudoran and Bianca Iancu.
  • SKOL: Paul Markovits (Marketing VP URBB), Elena Mărăcine (Senior Brand Manager SKOL), Cristina David (Marketing Services Manager) and Denisa Jalba (CMI Analyst).
  • Production house: Saga Film, director: Răzvan Mărculescu and Alex Sterian – DoP.
  • Media strategy: United Media with Manuela Vasiliu – Media Director,  Alexandra Vasvari – Senior Media Planner, Roxana Burdeanu –  TV Media Planner, Lavinia Buzi – Buying Director, Ionut Militaru – Digital Strategy Director.