The Trunk Theater – a theater show happening in the trunk of a car

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The Mini theater, together with Slovenian ad agency Pristop, brought some joy to the not so amused people stuck in traffic jams. For this they invented a new sort of theater, called The Trunk Theater. It uses the trunk of a car as it’s main theater stage to amuse people with the most popular shows from Mini theater on the road where congestion stops the traffic.

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To prepare for this, a special new stage of Mini theater was built in the trunk of a car and the shows were shortened and adapted to fit the size. Moreover, the actors trained to fit and safely perform in the limited space of the trunk.

The Trunk Theater played three crowd pleasers, including Princess and the Frog – a special Mini theater puppet version of a worldwide well-known show – and the MishMash Bakery – legendary Slovenian puppet performance based on one of the most popular national children books of all times. All of the performed shows in The Trunk Theater can be seen in the regular program of Mini theater.


The result of this initiative? For the first time in their life, people had fun while stuck in traffic and, enjoying the shows, they forgot about the hassle of being stuck.

Theaters have to be innovative to attract and keep its audience and every theater manager in the world knows it’s a hard job to do. So I’m pleased we demonstrated the amusement power of theater in an innovative way and proved that good things do come in mini packages.

Robert Waltl,

Manager The Mini theater


The credits go to:

Pristop Ljubljana (Slovenia)

  • Executive Creative Director: Aljosa Bagola
  • Creative Director: Robert Bohinec
  • Art Director: Matija Kocbek
  • Copywriter: Peter Zabret
  • Director: Luka Kase
  • Account Manager: Petra Podgorsek
  • PR: Uros Stanc

Mini theater was founded in 1999 by Robert Waltl and Ivica Buljan, with the purpose of enhancing creativity in post drama theater. Mini theater’s basic activity features production of quality puppet and theater performances in collaboration with artists from different artistic environments. While the theater is dedicated mainly to puppets, this does not prevent it from also producing acted performances for adults and youth. It dedicates special attention to innovative educational projects. The co-production »Thumbelina« for example is the first virtual puppet performance in the world.


Pristop is one of the leading consultancy and communications companies in SE Europe. Headquartered in Slovenia, it has been a partner of key local and global companies as well as governmental, non-governmental and international organisations for over 20 years. During this time we have stood side by side with numerous companies and organisations in planning and implementing their strategies and helping them achieve their goals. We stand for expertise, accountability, efficiency and reliability.