2Parale: Romanians spent over Euro 1M on books, clothes and plane tickets this summer

Business, e-Commerce

Romanians spent over Euro 1M via 2Parale and bought products like books and educational materials, fashion and tourism, between June 15th and August 15th, according to an internal analysis of 2Performant Network.

During the analyzed period, the highest online acquisition from books / educational category was of RON 3,500, while, in Fashion, the biggest acquisition was of RON 3,300. When it comes of tourism, the highest amount paid online to buy plane tickets was RON 10,000.

The average value for the shopping basket for the most popular categories when it comes of online sales this summer was of around RON 100 for books and educational materials, respectively RON 140 for fashion and RON 900 for tourism.

The most looked for online this summer were dresses, which posted sales up 60% compared to the same period last year, while swimming suits lost ground and their sales dropped 28%.

Noon was the favorite time for shopping online for Romanians during 2015’s summer, with Tuesdays being best days to buy books / educational products, Wednesday and Monday were the days for shopping fashion items and tourism ones. infografic_15_iun-15aug_2Parale