Analysis: Social media specialists in Romania, paid with €713

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An analysis of the Social media salaries in Romania – made for the 5th year in the row by Evensys and Career Advisor – shows that the specialists in social media are paid, on average, €713.

The analysis was based on answered offered by 213 people (employees with responsibilities in social media) to an online questionnaire, between September 23-29.

According to the analysis, the most common job titles for those handling social media are Social Media Manager and Social Media Specialist.

On the other hand, before working in social media, the people occupying now these positions worked in PR, press, marketing or online, with only 10% starting their career directly with a job in social media.

Among the most frequent responsibilities those professionals have are management for social media accounts, posting and reviewing content, but also monitoring the brand and the competition, which showed an increased compared to previous year.

When it comes of their work time, social media professionals spend 59%  – 75% from their office time busy with social media activities. Within companies, the marketing department continues to be preferred when it comes of monitoring company’s social media accounts.

According to the answers offered to the online questionnaire, the average medium salary for social media professionals increased from €680 in 2013 to €713 in 2015. The biggest salary in social media mentioned in this year’s questionnaire was of €3,400. Still, 44% of those working in the field have an average salary between €500 – 1,000.

On the other hand, 58% social media professionals have at least 2 years of experience in the field. Also, the incomes of social media people in companies with over 500 employees increased 20%

This year’s results confirm a development of the professionals and the demand for them in the digital sector. Besides an increase of medium salaries and of the income for people with over 3 people of experience, it becomes obvious the specialization more and more needed in well-defined areas like  Content Management, PPC, E-commerce etc. The income average for around 45% employees in social media remains at the maximum level of €1000 but it doesn’t drop under €500

Madalina Uceanu,

Senior HR & Executive Search Consultant, Career Advisor.