Internet’s father to be present to a McCann/Thiess Conference in Romania

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Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the World Wide Web and the one considered the father of the Internet, will be present in Romania to a McCann/Thiess Conference entitled “A WWVVisionary Lesson”

McCann Thiess Conferences - Vizual Sir Tim Berners-Lee

Sir Tim Berners-Lee will be present in Bucharest on November 12th and will speak about the motivation that was behind the idea of World Wide Web and about the way this idea was turned into reality.

Graduated from Oxford, Berners-Lee invented WWW in 1989 and the components he developed at that time – URL, HTTP or HTML – were refined once tech expanded and are essential even today for surfing the internet.

McCann Thiess Conferences - Conferinta de Presa Sir Tim Berners-Lee

It is almost impossible to imagine how world would look alike without World Wide Web. WWW are maybe the most important 3 letters in the recent history of civilization, those who transformed radically the way we think, communicate, consume and live

Bogdan Enoiu,

General Manager McCann Worldgroup Romania

Tim Berners-Lee continues to be part of WWW’s story and holds management positions in multiple associations and organizations aiming to continuously develop the world wide web.



McCann/Thiess’s conference “A WWVVisionary Lesson” is organized by McCann Worldgroup Romania and Thiess Holding, with support from Pro TV (media sponsor) and from the official sponsor BRD Groupe Société-Générale and UPC Business.