RTB House enters Asia-Pacific markets

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RTB House, tech company specialized in display advertising tailored to the users’ interests, announced expanding its operations to the Asia-Pacific, with the business activities in the region to be led by Jakub Ratajczak, Managing Director APAC.

With an internet population of nearly 1.5bn people and 1bn social media users, the Asia-Pacific region has enormous business potential for retargeting technologies. RTB House, a global tech company headquartered in Warsaw, Poland will extend its international operations to advertisers in Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia and Malaysia.

Continuation of our global expansion is a strategic goal for the company, and the Asia-Pacific region is one of the key directions when it comes to our further international activities

Daniel Surmacz,

Chief Operating Officer RTB House

RTB House operations in the region will be carried out under Jakub Ratajczak, a recent addition to the RTB House team. Ratajczak points out that Asian markets are key for rapidly globalizing companies.

Asia is not just an exotic-sounding, but also a very promising direction of expansion. Polish tech companies like RTB House can compete successfully overseas because of low economic barriers to entry and modern standards of technological innovations. I’m happy to be a part of Poland’s growing business presence abroad. There’s no reason to believe that we couldn’t become home to another Skype. We should boldly use our resources and capabilities

Daniel Ratajczak.

For the past 6 years, Ratajczak worked with Integer.pl Group as the managing director at EasyPack, analysis and controlling director, board consultant, and finally board member in the group’s portfolio of companies. Prior to his leadership roles, Jakub was a financial controller for a Polish company in Gefco Group, a logistics operator at PSA Group and the head of analysis at Telekomunikacja Polska. He graduated from the Poznań University of Economics.

RTB House is one of few companies in the world that managed to develop and implement its own technology for purchasing advertisements in the RTB model (real-time bidding) – a solution in which buyers participate in real-time advertising space auctions. The company operates worldwide and runs campaigns in 33 markets, including: the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, Holland, Poland, Russia, Spain, Sweden, and Turkey. The RTB team is made up of over 100 people: performance marketing experts, analysts, sales and customer care specialists, programmers and others