Avandor launches simultaneously in Romania and Turkey  the first Complete Data-Driven Marketing Platform for brands

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Avandor Consumer Profiling deploys its data-driven marketing platform simultaneously on the two target markets, providing customers everything they need for an intelligent automation of their digital marketing strategies, at the consumer level.

The Avandor stack is built around a central Data Management Platform (DMP) that contains all the necessary data activation features to allow clients to run audience analytics, data mining, programmatic media buying, dynamic creative and website customization from a single, aggregated dashboard.

Time has come for brands to start really knowing the consumers they meet and engage online and to use this data in real-time for optimal communication. We provide brands with the technology they need to hit the ground running

Marius Deak,

Founder & CEO Avandor

The platform currently delivers against 32 different use-cases, including Audience Analytics, Cross-channel insights, Audience-based Media Buying, Dynamic Creative Optimization, Website and landing page customization, Content recommendations, Audience Extension through predictive response and lookalike modeling.  The key to having all these features integrated in a single platform is in standardization of the data used to understand consumers, allowing instant transfer of any learnings between various efforts in order to optimize.

There are so many outstanding solutions out there. We’ve come to learn over the years that the biggest challenge for clients is getting multiple technologies and vendors to integrate for optimization and reporting purposes. So we have invested a lot in building one stack in which all the components really talk to each other in real-time and use the same metrics. Website, Social, Campaign and Media, all integrated into one powerful box

Marius Deak


Avandor is currently deployed across 300+ websites, the early adopters being clients in banking, telecom, digital media companies, car brands and retailers. Avandor works with most media agencies and integrates with a growing number of DSPs and other technologies in order to get the data available for activation in other systems.

Avandor will be showcased on November 18-19 2015 in Istanbul at the DIGIT.EMEA Congress (formerly Webit Global Congress), where the company is the main sponsor of the Data & Metrix stage.

Avandor is a marketing & advertising pure technology start-up headquartered in London, UK with offices in Romania and Turkey. Avandor is also a finalist of the Seedcamp Week Berlin and HowToWeb StartupSpotlight competitions.

The company is founded and managed by Marius Deak and Roxana Stan, both digital marketing veterans with 16+ years experience in dealing with large brands and their needs. Former Global Director Integrated Digital Marketing at Blackberry Stephen O’Brien also joined the company’s board advisory and is taking an active role on the UK market.

The Avandor Consumer Profiling platform required over 3 years of R&D and a total investment of eur 600,000 from own sources as well as a group of investors in the UK. It was originally created by one of Romania’s most awarded and longevive digital agency, and evolved into a separate company upon receiving investment.