Biz Days 2015 – a manifesto event about achievements, people and business ideas

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Last week, Bucharest hosted the 14th edition of Biz Days, an event gathering together, for 5 days, managers, entrepreneurs, investors, consultants, investors, NGOs, marketing & advertising professionals. An unique initiative, Biz Days analyzed trends in five key domains of every day’s activities, namely entrepreneurship, innovation, management, CSR and media & marketing.

The conference reunited leaders and key names of Romanian business world, but also international speakers who presented the new way to make business, with focus on value and implementation.

The guests spoke also about success and failure, about the intense work behind a successful project and about the fundamental role the ideas have in business, but also about the decision and implementation process. Moreover, they offered solutions to the challenges in the actual context, heavily influenced by tech development.

A big success of 2015 edition of the event was conference’s audience, which reunited professionals from the Romanian market and imposed, every day, a strong rhythm to the presentations and interacted with the speakers through questions and comments.

Marta Usurelu Biz

We brought on event’s stage people recommended by their achievements and companies that understood that the best «company profile» is represented by the activity and achievements of the team and I was happy to see that this was also the spirit in which were presented the projects, businesses and ideas, gathering a series of applause and congratulations. There is hope! This is the clear message the event sent with every session. And our guests will be, a long time from now on, in business world’s attention. Convinced that I have chose the best of the best, I want to thank to each and everyone of those who came by train, car or plane, from all over the country, to be close to us, but also to those that took days off and came every day to Biz Days

Marta Usurelu,

Editor-in-Chief & Main Shareholder Biz

Tens of speakers presented businesses, people, ideas and unusual case studies, during speeches but also during dedicated sessions and workshops.

During Entrepreneurship day, there were honest discussions on what it means to have a business in Romania and speakers unveiled a company’s success is due mainly to the employees, that leaders have a hard time putting together a good team, that not anyone who has a good idea can be an entrepreneur and that is better to have implemented 10 bad ideas than to stay with one brilliant and unimplemented one.

An important quality of the entrepreneur is a good analysis and synthesis capacity. A good business plan must make sense, to be clear, a short letter (…)  Big companies of our days weren’t the first players on the market, they just had a well executed business plan”

Radu Georgescu,

Founding Partner GECAD Group

Today more than ever we are passing through the T zero moment, because it is a point of major change within the industry. The tragedy from Colectiv obliges us to rewrite the rules for industry’s future. During the next period, many restaurants will be closed. One has now a perfect terrain for action, where there was no place three-four years ago

Dragos Petrescu

CEO City Grill

The Innovation Day was opened by a representative from MB Telecom, the only company in the world who won twice the top prize of Geneva Inventions Fair. After introducing on the market of the innovative Roboscan technologies, MB Telecom posted a 700% increase of its turnover. Adrian Bizgan presented a study made by OECD according to which an increase of the R&D expenses by 0.1% from the internal brute product will increase it by 1.2% on long term.

During the same day, Truth Central, part of McCann Group, presented the study “Truth about global brands”, launched exclusively in Romania. The study was made to see the way tech changes brands and consumers’ attitude towards the changes in today’s globalization picture. The opportunities of the digital economy and the way tech innovations are already transforming small towns and businesses, moving them in the smart area, were detailed by Andrei Cepoi, ICT sales manager Telekom Romania.

During Management Day, Mihai Ghyka, consultant Dalprincipe Consulting, defined the leader as being the one enlightening those around him and defined three types of leaders: the architect, the fisher and the pilot. Another conclusion during the same day was that, when one reaches on a management position, it doesn’t matter first what he believes and thinks, but what others believe and think about him.

CSR Day came along with fundraising strategies and simple conclusions, but hard to assume. The best method of fundraising is to tell the story the best and to not negotiate sponsorships. Another idea that should be adopted is the fact that CSR should transform into human social responsibility.



The last day, Media & Marketing day, came with ideas that ceased the attention and, in the same time, intrigued the public. Some of them were presented by Felix Tataru, President & Founder GMP Group, and two of the conclusions were: “Extroverts go with fast moves, introverts – with deep ones” and “you cannot use things from the past to bring them into the future”

Tataru also spoke about the difference between transformation and change: “Change means to look at what doesn’t work and improve. Transformation means to improve from what you have best (…) We either transform, or we die. A minor, gradual change can kill us, while a radical change can save us”.

Aneta Bogdan, Managing Partner Brandient, had her own session during the day, debating in an unique way the challenges of the local creative industry in the context of the tech and legislative transformations, but also considering the global competition. As a first to an event dedicated to the marketing, advertising and communication industry, Aneta invited a CFO who spoke about the way fiscal modifications from the last period have a major impact over the creative industry

Biz Days had as partners at 2015’s edition the following companies: UniCredit Bank, Vodafone, FAN Courier, Telekom, Alpha Bank, McCANN Bucharest, HTC, Philip Morris Trading, Sameday Courier, Kyocera, Immofinanz, Genpact, Canon, BRD, Rompetrol, BCR, Orange, Avon, Staropramen, GMP Group, Tassimo, Discovery, GT grafica si tipar, Maastricht School of Management, Update, Ad Production, EFdeN, bluepoint, ActivInvest and Digital Star!

Supporters were also Hotel Novotel and Five’s International, while the media partners were9AM, Advanced Ideas, HR Club, IQ Ads, Wall-Street, e Jobs, Smark,, zelist monitor, Business24, Progresiv, The CSR Report, Retail-FMCG, Akcees, Phoenix, Cariere, Comunicate de presa, IAA, comunicate de afaceri, Prwave, nonguvernamental, Exec-Edu, Learning Network, Etarget,,, (AD)HUGGER,, COCOR, Manager Express, HRB expert, Calatoria Perfecta,, Blitz TV, TDC, Zeppelin si Finzoom.