and BBC Hindi launched a new series on India’s unsung heroes

Digital & Media, Media and BBC Hindi has launched a new series about India’s unsung heroes, the men and women who selflessly help others no matter what the odds. Over the next three months, across the BBC’s international news platforms, Unsung Indians will introduce a new unsung hero and their story every Sunday.

Unsung Indians launched on and with Dr Ganesh Rakh, an Indian doctor on a unique mission to save the female child – he waives his fee if a girl is born in his hospital. Dr Ganesh Rakh calls it his “tiny contribution” to improving the lot of girls in a country where there is a traditional preference for sons. Next up is Mark Rego a Bangalore cancer survivor who counsels children stricken with cancer.

Other Unsung Indians set to be included are a man in Patna who feeds abandoned patients, a courageous woman who manages traffic at the same signal where she lost her daughter to a road accident and a volunteer firefighter from Kolkata.

Viewers can look out for cartoon caricatures, gifs and photographs of the heroes via the BBC India Facebook and Twitter pages throughout the season. The Hindi version of Unsung Indians is available via the BBC Hindi website and some of the stories will also be featured on BBC World News, the BBC’s commercial international news channel.

India has really embraced social media, a huge amount of the likes we get on the BBC News Facebook page come from India. I think a series like Unsung Indians really shows our ability to work on multiple platforms

Ayeshea Perera

India Digital Editor BBC News. in India regularly attracts numbers 3.6M unique users and has 15.5M page views across desktop and mobile monthly while saw 4.2M unique users in January and has 4M followers on Facebook.

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