Lidl Romania – support for students and international prizes


Lidl Romania ran a campaign aimed to support the students from different Romanian University towns during their exams period, offering them a special products kit – including fruits, vitamins and chocolate – to help them cope with the busy period. The boosting kit from Lidl waited for the students in the classes where they underwent their exams.

The campaign took place between January 28th – February 10th and, through it, Lidl wanted to support the students in a special manner during the period they faced their first exams in 2016.

Recently, Lidl Romania received accolades for the second time during PR Daily’s 2015 Corporate Social Responsibility Awards, with the campaign “Donate for those who save!”, within the “Best Fundraising/Philanthropic Initiative”. During the campaign (November 2014 – May 2015), Lidl’s clients and employees donated to support SMURD and to help modernize the Romanian medical system. The donations (€100,000) and an extra contribution from Lidl (€50,000) were directed towards SMURD so the Romanian paramedics can enlarge their auto fleet with 5 urban intervention bikes with full option and medical equipment and add 23 protection equipment for SMURD personnel assigned to use the bikes during interventions.