UPDATED: New press agency to launch in Romania: News.ro

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(adds info on a partnership closed by the agency with a photo agency for hi quality images to be used in News.ro’s materials)

A new press agency, News.ro, launches in Romania and will start providing its first news in the second half of February. The agency aims to become leader in its segment during the next year and promises to provide to media and corporate clients quality content adapted to today’s reality of the market.

The editorial team from News.ro is consisting of experienced journalists, with most of them previously working for Mediafax, while others were recruited from other important Romanian media institutions.

In terms of management, the redaction has Dana Curcea as its editorial director, while Mona Hera takes over as editor in chief. Irinel Bucur is News.ro’s project manager, while the agency is managed by Cristian Dimitriu as General Manager. The agency’s development will be handled by Orlando Nicoara. All the mentioned responsibles from the new agency previously occupied management positions within Mediafax news agency and /or Mediafax Group.

We coagulated around News.ro a team reuniting some of the best journalists of the moment. And this is why we can assume the fact that, in a short period of time, we will build a new reference brand for Romanian press. We have the know-how and, more than that, we have the passion for proper journalism, premises for a successful media product

Dana Curcea

Editorial Director News.ro

The new media institution will follow the main rules of a news agency, through its real time provided content: trust, accuracy, objectivity, exhaustiveness, rapidity in providing the information.

In the start, for a month, News.ro will offer free access to its newsfeeds to its potential clients and, afterwards, the access to those news will be based on subscription.

At this moment, we think it is an opportunity to launch a new press agency and to try to make media as business. It is needed, for some time already, by quality agency journalism and, at News.ro, we have all the elements to do that. This month’s launch is a first step in a long series of services’ launches that we will unveil by the end of the year

Orlando Nicoara,

Development Director News.ro

[update February 17th]



The agency announced signing a partnership with editorial photo feed agency Inquam Photos that will see the two institutions collaborate in order to offer agency’s readers and subscribers editorial photography of high quality, in real time. As part of the partnership, Inquam Photos will provide News.ro photos made by professional photo-journalists with over 10 years of experience in the biggest Romanian media trusts.

Our strategy is to offer, right from the start, complete services of press agency, which means the photo feed is very important in the general dynamic of the agency. Together with Inquam Photos, the most dynamic photo provider, we will be able to illustrate the most important events of the day, from all sectors, at national level, to standards specific to press agency

Cristi Dimitriu

General Manager News.ro

Inquam Photos was from the start a project built around the passion for the quality of the editorial image. It is a honor for me to be able to speak today about the partnership between Inquam Photos and News.ro, a high quality press agency, strong, with which we share the same values. For now, we are offering an artisanal product, based on creativity and spontaneity, combining sequentially the reality of the subject with the freedom of expression. The photos we provide to Romanian media trusts and to the foreign ones are signed by some of the best professionals among the independent ones present in Romania

Ovidiu Micsik

General Manager Inquam Photos