McCann Bucharest and Radio 21 launched Go Mono campaign


To raise Romanians’ awareness to what happens around them while they are on the street, Radio 21 and McCann Bucharest launched Go Mono, a project during which Radio 21 will broadcast Mono, so the listeners can hear radio’s morning shows in just one piece of their headphones or in a single speaker.

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The project was launched on February 23rd, in Radio 21’s morning show, which broadcasted exclusively mono for 3 hours to make sure those listening the radio in their headphones, on the street, are also attentive to what happens around them.

If there’s anything that seemed “strange” in today’s show, we are assuming the full responsibility – we broadcasted mono the entire show, which means you heard it in just one side of your headphones. We promise it is for your own good! 46% of traffic accidents in which people are involved is because they were listening music in their headphones and weren’t attentive to what was happening in the traffic. With Go Mono campaign, we aim to educate young people and not only regarding this danger and to show them that good music can be listened to also in just one headphone side, to make sure we hear all that happens around us when we are on the street


Radio 21 morning show host

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The project will run for 2 weeks, during which Romanian musicians will support campaign’s message and encourage those who listen music on the street (from a radio and not only), to use just one side of their headphones and remain attentive to the traffic. During the same period, Radio 21 will award the listeners that join Go Mono game and will have special activations online, supporting the campaign and reminding the listeners to be safe in traffic.

We wanted to generate awareness over a serious problem – the number of accidents in which young people listening music in the headphones tripled during the last six years. Together with Radio 21, for two weeks, we will show that a gesture so easy to make can save one’s life

Alexandru Vasile,

Copywriter McCann Bucharest

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