Karol Karpinski (Facebook): eCommerce insights from Facebook

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From the total number of Romanian eCommerce domains which have an official Facebook account we can find: on-line bookshops, fashion stores, cosmetics and body care shops, electronics, but also toy shops.

According to Zelist.ro, the marketers and the above mentioned on-line specialists are posting on Facebook mostly on Wednesdays. The interactivity of the consumer on their Facebook pages occurs mostly on Wednesday and Thursday for the on-line books shops, fashion, cosmetics and toys, while in the electronic area the impact is higher on Mondays.

The secret of maintaining the live interest of the users and the success of the business on Facebook

Facebook determins you to be one step ahead all the time through communication-posts, innovation, customer care, but also through the potential clients the on-line shop can reach. The audience will find out strategic tools at TeCOMM, the eCommerce conference that will take place on April 21st in Bucharest.

Karol Karpinski (Facebook) has over 9 years of experience in online marketing and is passionate about eCommerce. He specializes in Mobile, Search Engine Marketing, Email Marketing and Affiliate Programs. At the moment, he is a Client Partner for Global Marketing Solutions at Facebook, where his main focus is on communication toghether with maintaining the relationships with the marketers of the most important brands from Central Europe and Eastern Europe. Karol uses Facebook trends and insights for helping his clients in implementing new tools.

Because Facebook is the most important channel of aquisition of new clients for the on-line shops, Karol will talk about the challenges and the opportunities of an on-line shop using Facebook in order to attract new clients. He will talk about figures, reach, targeting options and measurements, using specific data from Central and Eastern Europe.

Karol Karpinski is keynote speaker on TeCOMM on April 21st.

Over 250 on-line retailers are expected to attend the debates, panels and workshops included in the agenda. On April 21st, TeCOMM will bring together eCommerce well-known speakers such as David Rothwell, the author of the best seller “The AdWords Bible for eCommerce”; Chris Jones – User Experience Director@Blueleaf, one of the biggest agencies of on-line strategy from UK; Euroflorist (Holland), a company founded in 1982 and leader in the European market in online flower delivery service all across the world, together with representatives of the following companies: Urgent Cargus, MasterCard, Transylvania Bank, Veinteractive, Conectoo, ProfitShare, MobilPay, Paravion, Flanco, DWF, ProClick, Zoot.ro and others.
TeCOMM Conference is at its 8th edition at a national level and it gathers over 250 on-line retailers who already own an on-line shop or want to establish their start-up business, together with the main e-commerce providers.