IAB Academy, launched by IAB Romania

Creativity, Digital & Media

IAB Romania launched IAB Academy, an educational program aimed to develop the knowledge of online advertising professional via share of know-how at theoretic and applied level. The purpose of the program is to help the participants to understand the role of digital marketing in the overall communication strategy, usage of channels and available techs within the digital environment in order to achieve the aimed targets and the management of the entire process of communication in the digital world.

The program is divided in 2 modules, one targeting mainly those who want to acquire basic knowledge related to online advertising and another with specific and niche classes. Those who want to participate have the option to take an entire module or separate courses.

IAB Academy is an useful program for entrepreneurs wanting to implement as best as possible their digital presence strategy and maximize the benefits acquired from this medium for their business, for seniors in media and marketing who want to structure and complete their knowledge in digital communication, to SMEs representatives who want to understand digital, to marketing managers, brand managers and strategists.

Similar programs take place on numerous local markets, under the management of the national IAB chapters, namely in Belgium, Finland, France, Italy, Serbia, UK, Spain, Switzerland, Hungary, Sweden, Denmark, Turkey, Germany and Slovakia.

Program’s curricula is verified and approved by IAB Europe.

IAB Academy represents the materialization of one of the most important objectives of our association: training the future specialists in digital communication and providing the applied and informed know-how related to the international trends to the specialists with experience in the field. IAB Academy is an international concept, with a curriculum certified by IAB Europe, which insures the participants of the importance and European weight of the acquired diploma. For us, as industry’s association, the most important aspect of the program is the know-how the participants will acquire

Ioana Anescu,

Executive Managing Director IAB Romania.

IAB Academy will also offer a number of scholarships.

The emergence of the internet changed the world. And maybe this internet is the most powerful symbol of the individual liberty. As people need to understand all aspects of the liberty to enjoy it, IAB Academy aims to help those with young spirit to understand internet communication in order to become the balanced and open-minded specialists so badly needed right now

Calin Rotarus,

Owner BCCR & Project Coordinator IAB Academy

IAB Academy will hold its classes weekly between April 15 – June 17, with the first training in performance marketing and using Google instruments to be held by Chief Canopyst Canopy.

Other IAB Academy trainers are Doru Panaitescu, Robert Anghel, Ionut Oprea, Alin Popescu, Cristi Ignat, Vasile Hodorogea, Calin Rotarus and others