The Good Report celebrating the best campaigns for social responsibility 2015

Creativity, CSR

The Good Report, created in collaboration between ACT Responsible and The Gunn Report, celebrates the communications that best use creativity to promote sustainability and social responsibility to raise awareness of the world’s major social and environmental issues.

A total of 1,474 campaigns produced by 866 agencies for 1,090 advertisers from 82 countries were evaluated from the 2015 ACT Responsible database, exhibition and public votes, which were also assessed for their creative performance based on The Gunn Report 2015 results. The outcome is a combination of the industry’s recognition on one hand and the general public’s recognition on the other. There are no complicated criteria or categories, just great work for Good.

The Good Report 2015 features a total of 40 campaigns, 28 of which are for NGO’s, institutions and foundations and 12 are for commercial corporations; The top 25 Agencies are made up of 11 independents and 14 from agency networks; In the top 20 Networks list there are 2 independent networks and 18 networks owned by holding companies; and the top 10 Advertisers include 7 NGO’s and 3 for-profit companies.

Taking the top places are:

  •  Most successful Campaigns promoting good causes 2015

#1 Human Traffic Signs, MullenLowe China, General Motors

#2 #LikeAGirl, Leo Burnett Toronto, Always/Procter & Gamble

#3 Poachers, Leo Burnett Sydney, WWF International

#4 A Very Disturbing Taxi Ride, Memac Ogilvy & Mather Dubai, Kafa

#5 LifePaint, Grey London, Volvo

  •  Most successful Agencies promoting good causes 2015

#1 Y&R Paris

#2 DDB Mozambique

#3 Leo Burnett Toronto

  • Most successful Networks promoting good causes 2015

#1 Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide

#2 Leo Burnett Worldwide

#3 BBDO Worldwide

  • Most successful Advertisers promoting good causes 2015

#1 WWF

#2 Procter & Gamble

#3 Samsung

Act Responsible considers that advertising recognition is too often confined to its commercial side; and that the other part of its role, such as informing, raising awareness and educating, is often forgotten. For 15 years now, Act Responsible has collected the best ads promoting sustainability & social responsibility in order to highlight how creativity is used to raise awareness on the world’s major issues. Still, hardly any specific recognition is offered to agencies that give time and talent to support the communication of public interest causes.

Nonetheless, the commitment of communication professionals to these causes is fundamental; good causes need campaigns to create awareness of their existence. Act Responsible have created «The Good Report» in collaboration with The Gunn Report, to celebrate the wonderful work and dedication that thousands of agencies are making to support these major causes, in order to further motivate and inspire creativity as well as the continued production of new campaigns.

“With The Good Report, ACT Responsible continues its mission of promoting, inspiring and federating the communications industry for the greater Good. Producing The Good Report with the collaboration of The Gunn Report Team is a great privilege for all “good” agencies around the globe” says Hervé de Clerck, ACT Responsible Dream Leader.

“The ACT Responsible Expo is one of the biggest treats in store at Cannes Lions each year. It honours the hugely valuable job our industry does – every day of the year in countries all round the world – in multiplying the impact and effectiveness of communications for Good Causes. The Good Report (the name has a ring to it) adds a commendable new dimension to their mission” says Donald Gunn, Founder and ACT’ive Partner.