Over half Romanian entrepreneurs faced image crisis during the last year

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According to a GMP PR study, Romanian entrepreneurs aren’t ready to manage an image crisis, although 60% of them faced one during the last year, from negative comments in social media to press articles or menaces of boycott from consumers. Still, they remained optimistic, with 75% not believing they will undergo the same situation during the following year.

Communication isn’t a priority for Romanian entrepreneurs: 62% don’t have a communication representative within their organization, 80% never underwent a media training and 76% didn’t think to the vulnerabilities specific to their business which can led to an image crisis.

Among them, only 20% see risks coming from social media, their biggest fears being regarding to product related crisis. Moreover, 72% don’t use social media for corporate communication and don’t consider that when it comes of an image crisis. Still, 73% have among their contacts an expert in communication

Bradet case (n.red. infested products responsible for an important number of children getting sick) should be an alarm signal for Romanian entrepreneur. The study shows us that 40% entrepreneurs see a crisis potential coming from the product area. The crisis potential exists no matter the business, especially if we consider the scope of social media. Romanian entrepreneur must understand that crisis management doesn’t just mean a communication plan, but also a plan for business’ continuity. A crisis plan helps him to know what to say, but also how to continue his activity

Ana-Maria Diceanu,

Head of Crisis Department & Senior Partner GMP PR.

The study was made on a sample of 85 Romanian entrepreneurs, most with over 20 employees and businesses present on the market for at least 5 years.re GMP PR

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