eCommCongress, the gathering place for online entrepreneurs and business leaders


United by their passion for online trading, 19 lecturers from 6 countries participated in the second edition of eCommCongress.

Janet Naydenova shared interesting facts about the online users and their interests – 32% of the customers research and buy their clothes online. 43% increase in online trading is expected in 2017 compared to 2013.

Hristo Hristov – CEO of Netinfo revealed interesting details about Video Marketing since it is expected that 80% of the overall traffic will be video traffic by the end of 2018. eCommera‘s representative – Miriyana Markova, shared interesting facts about the challenges they faced with the redesign and website speed and their key role in the clients‘ shopping experience.  Stefan Chorbanov and Dimitar Dimitrov from Stenik Group – Platinum partner of eCommCongress, demonstrated the stages through which an online store‘s life cycle goes through and gave tips for its best possible development.

Marketing Director of Startup Masters – Dimitar Savov, outlined the phases of the so-called user experience and talked in detail about how to plan and create publications. Dimitar Dimitrov – CEO of Inbound. Bg, revealed some interesting tricks for containing a digital marketing crisis, the right ways to react and NOT to react during a developing crisis.

Google representatives that came all the way from Dublin – Alex Bozinov and Peter Trendafilov, talked about the trends with online customers and the creation of statistics data base. The curious facts, which all of the participants in eCommCongress learned, were connected with the moments and micro-moments and what they actually are from a user‘s standpoint. Genadi Vorobiov presented the activity of Netpeak, while John McIntyre, CEO of ReEngager, shared with the participants the advantages of e-mail marketing and the most important particularity in creating a successful e-mail marketing campaign – the personalization. Mario Volos, CEO of Kick-Tipp, added more to the subject and guided it in a different direction – SMS Marketing and how he succeeded in receiving over 700 e-mails.

The last lecturer of the first day of eCommCongress was Vaida Pakulyte, Digital Marketing Menager of Strands. She discussed the topic of personalization – what it is and why it is necessary and she also gave an important advice – to always try different work models because „What worked yesterday might not work today, and what works today might not work tomorrow!“.

The first day of the congress concluded with the drawing of the winners from the game, played during the breaks, in which participants had to gather stamps from the firms at the congress. Some of the prizes won by the guests included a two-day vacation to Thassos island, books, smart watches and more.

The second day of eCommCongress was dedicated to workshops. The participants received some valuable advices from Temelko Dechev about the innovation of products, from Lyubomir Lyubomirov about copywriting and from Nedelcho Kadiev and Nikolay Kolev about some tricks in online store photography.

Konstantin Bachvarov, Marketing Manager of, gave some practical directions of how to build a loyal customer base for an online store and gave as an example some working practices of turning random users into loyal clients of the brand. Radoslav Krumov, CEO of Rapido Express & Logistics, defined the most important reasons for the necessity of a good logistics partner for a business and exactly how to add VAT to the delivery. Dimitar Savov, who explained during his workshop how to practically analyze the gathered data and how to profit from it, concluded the second day, as well as the event.

The second edition of eCommCongress took place owing to Platinum Partner Stenik Group; Gold partner eCommera; media partners B2B media, IA Kros,, M3 college,,,,,,,,,, and and the gracious host of the event again was Inter Expo Center.