Dominic Grainger is the new EACA elected president

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Dominic Grainger, CEO of GroupM EMEA, was elected President of EACA (The European Association of Communications Agencies) for a two year term. During his mandate, he plans to plans two key focus areas during his tenure, communicating the contribution of commercial communications to European economies and addressing the growing digital skills need within the commercial communications sector.

Grainger is the first media agency executive elected to serve as President of EACA and succeeds David Patton, ‎President & CEO of Grey Group EMEA.

Digital technologies have created enormous changes in how consumers entertain and inform themselves, how they communicate and how brands communicate to them; and Europe has some of the most digitally advanced markets in the world (…) Opportunities enabled by digital have brought innumerable challenges for media owners, for businesses engaging consumers and also for government regulators. Communications agencies of every ilk can play an important role in developing these opportunities and there has never been a more exciting time to work in this industry. EACA is an important and influential player in Brussels, closely engaged in a wide range of policy considerations and regulatory investigations concerning commercial communications. I am honoured to serve during this complex and dynamic period, supporting sensible regulatory decision-making and working together to protect the interests of our members with decision-makers at the European Commission in Brussels.

Dominic Grainger

According to EACA Director General, Dominic Lyle, the time is absolutely right for a senior media agency figure to take on the role of EACA President.

Not only will this reinforce our current media-centric agenda, but it will also send a powerful message to the Institutions in Brussels that we take the Digital Single Market seriously. As the work of EACA increasingly involves issues such as online ad fraud, data privacy, OBA, the anti-competitive nature of technology platforms, viewable impressions and more, Dominic’s expertise will be of particular advantage.

Dominic Lyle

Grainger’s focus on increasing the quality and number of digital-savvy talent coming into the industry will build upon EACA’s existing training & education programs and grow the profile and standing of the commercial communications sector across Europe, which he believes is key to maintaining future competitiveness.

Grainger became Managing Director of GroupM EMEA in January 2006 and was promoted to CEO in October 2008. His media career started in 1997 when he joined CIA which was acquired by WPP as part of the Tempus acquisition in late 2001. In 2002, Dominic was appointed Chief Executive Officer of MEC EMEA before joining GroupM when it was established in the region in 2006.

Grainger started his career at Price Waterhouse in 1987 where he advised a number of FTSE 100 companies and multinationals on mergers and acquisitions across Europe.

In addition to representing European agencies to the EU Commission & Parliament in Brussels, EACA runs the EACA Euro Effies, the IMC European Awards and the Care Awards for social marketing campaigns. In the last five years, EACA has also created the foundations for building a more professional approach to training across Europe agencies, targeting students through the European Institute for Commercial Communications Education and offering high-level training to agency personnel through the EACA International School of Advertising & Communications.