Future’s tech, in Romanian capital for Bucharest Technology Week

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In May, Bucharest holds Bucharest Technology Week, when, between May 23 – 29, over 30 events targeting general public will take place, along with thematic business conferences and an interactive tech exhibition. The full program is available here.

One of the items to be presented during Bucharest Technology Week is the intelligent home, sustainable energetically, friendly with the environment and easy to control via a mobile app. Other events will debate the role of technology in education, culture or art. Moreover, the public will learn how to train their robot during a robotics workshop targeting children and will be able to 3D print during 2 specialized workshops.

Bucharest Technology Week will include 4 thematic conferences, Innovation Summit (May 24), Brands+Tech Summit (May 25), Enterprise-IT Summit (May 26) and Java Dev Summit (May 27), scheduled to take place mid-town Bucharest (Athénée Palace Hilton hotel) and which will reunite local and international experts.


The conferences are supported by AMD as Partener of Innovation Summit, iQOS as Partener of Brands+Tech Summit, Siemens as Partener of Enterprise-IT Summit and ING as Partener of Java Dev Summit and Metro Systems, Luxoft, Romstal and Endava as sponsors of the event. The digital partners are Kubis Interactive and TheCon, while the beverages partner is Stella Artois.

Other associations and institutions with the partner status are ANIS, ARIES, Netherlands Romanian Chamber of Commerce, IAA, SNSPA, Universitatea Bucuresti, while the main media partners are Kiss FM, Playtech, Zon@ IT. Besides those, the media partners are Adhugger, Agora.ro, Androidro.ro, Antena Play, Bucharest City App, Business24, Business Arena Magazin, Calatoria Perfecta, Revista CARIERE, Comunicatedepresa.ro, Ctrl-D, Eco Wheels, Eskape, Forbes, Goingout.ro, Grand Cinema, Hotnews, Ibusiness, IQads, Inoras.ro, Institutul de Marketing, IT trends, Itchannel.ro, Learning Network, Market Watch, Marketing Solutions, New Edition News, Romanian Start Ups, Sapte Seri, SMARK, SolutiiPC.ro, Tech café, Tech Hub, Thetrends.ro, Urban.ro and Ziare.com.