Fresh bread smell, used to promote Lidl’s bakery in Bucharest’s subway

Creativity, Media, OOH / DOOH

Between April 4th – May 4th, Initiative Romania, with help from experiential marketing company Motion Vision Communication (, invaded Bucharest’s Mihai Bravu subway station with fresh bread smell in order to promote Lidl’s bakery.

The intense smell of freshly baked bread was disseminated at subway’s entrance, through a special gate bearing Lidl’s branding. Moreover, a special system based on sensors that can spread the smell of fresh bread every time someone passed through the gate enticed the travellers to go check out the Lidl store in the area. Through this project, Initiative offered an unique alternative for engaging the public targeted by Lidl and created a memorable moment for people travelling by subway on daily basis.

Lidl is one of our partners who embraces the non-conventional promotion ideas, so we managed to make together a special indoor / OOH project with an olfactory effect in order to attract the consumers to the store directly from the subway. Either we awoke childhood memories to the travelers transiting Mihai Bravu station with our activation or we just made them crave for fresh bread, the reactions were positive and results are on the same note

Anca Ionescu,

Account Director – Head of Unit, Initiative.

The gate with sensors was made with help from Motion Vision Communication (MVCom).

Very little – an aroma, a touch, a rustle – is needed to relive a moment with all its emotional load. The conclusion is that we are all synesthesic – enticements from tactile or especially from smell can activate from the long term memory images and / or sounds. And this can easily happen in a fraction of a second, provided the reference memory was initially made with emotions

Marian Costache,

Managing Partner MVcom