2Parale: Close to Euro 30M in sales for Romanian online stores in the last 12 months

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According to 2Parale’s data, Romanians made over half million transactions online (550,000), spending close to Euro 30M (RON 127M).

ITC is among the best sold categories, and the most bought brands in the mentioned period were Samsung, Philips and Acer, followed by Asus, Apple and Lenovo. ITC category was responsible for 42,000 sales during the mentioned period, with their value representing a quarter from the total sales (over RON 30M).

Another performing category is Fashion & beauty, with over 140,000 online sales worth RON 29M. From this category, most sold online were dresses (over 31,000 pieces) and shoes (over 12,000 pairs).

2Parale’s data shows that Romanians increased their online buys by 25% compared to the previous year. Moreover, between May 1st 2015 – April 30th 2016, 2Parale’s affiliates sent a total traffic of over 48M clicks to more then 500 online stores.

The growth is due both to the expansion of the portfolio of clients and affiliates and to our involvement in managing performance for top clients, through support and account management programs. I am happy those results translated into commissions worth over RON 6M for our affiliates during the last 12 months (…) If we would compare ourselves to a mall, we would be for sure one of the most crowded ones, as we are sending over 4M visitors to more than 500 stores on monthly basis, and that as the stores only pay for the finalized buys

Dorin Boerescu,

CEO 2Performant Network

On average, each RON invested in affiliate marketing via 2Parale generated online sales worth RON 15, according to a performance marketing index made by Edge, full service performance marketing agency part of 2Performant Network group.

2Parale network includes over 47,000 affiliates who promote online products and services from brands and companies like Elefant.ro, Vola, Orange, Vodafone, Telekom,  evoMAG, Avon, Provident, CEL.ro, Germanos, answear.ro or Zoot.

2Performant Network is a performance marketing company from Romania which includes 2Parale, the first and largest affiliate network in Romania, 2Performant, affiliate network for e-commerce in Central and Eastern Europe, and Edge, a full service performance marketing agency.