Dan Virtopeanu (Breeze Mobile) @ #MobileAdvertisingCongress: Mobile advertising provides unique opportunities that no other media can deliver

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Dan Virtopeanu, Managing Partner at Breeze Mobile, is one of the speakers at this year’s edition of the Romanian Mobile Advertising Congress, an event scheduled to take place in Bucharest on June 7th and organized by Marketing Insiders Group.

As the focus of the event is the area of mobile advertising, AdHugger sought to see speakers’ opinions on this sector.

AdHugger: What do you think about mobile advertising?

Dan Virtopeanu

1. The money invested is far away from the time spent by people on the mobile screen.

2. Provides unique opportunities that no other media can deliver: real time precise geolocation, augmented reality environment, any time and any place availability

3. This year we saw a significant shift from desktop to mobile on media spent on Google, following Facebook lead in mobile advertising revenues compared to desktop.

AdH: In your opinion, how did the mobile advertising influence, during the last few years, the industry you are active in?

Dan_Virtopeanu (2)

Dan Virtopeanu

Digital is led by mobile in terms of usage and those who invested few years now are collecting the benefits. Best example is Facebook where 4 of 5 dollars earned are on mobile.

AdH: How does mobile advertising influence your personally when using mobile devices?

Dan Virtopeanu:

I’m always interested to see what are the ads running in apps and the sites I’m visiting. Also I’m looking close to the way brands are using push notifications. There are also the negative experiences when bad managed push notifications or mobile ads force me to stop visiting the site or stop the notifications.

Dan Virtopeanu is Managing Partner at Breeze Mobile and has 25 years of experience within the ITC industry. Dan has dedicated the last 12 years to mobile marketing and mobile payments. He was involved in developing all range of mobile campaigns like sms, mobile web, mobile apps and other mobile tactics. In 2012, he founded Breeze Mobile, a full service mobile marketing agency which won 10 awards at various specialized competitions like Mobile Awards, Mobilio or Effie.

Mobile Advertising Congress is an event organized by Marketing Insiders Group and, this year, will hold its 8th edition on June 7th, at Grand Hotel Marriott in Bucharest. The event helps business owners and managers to improve their business by sharing the expertise in the field from a range of experience speakers. To put it in the context, the event comes to cover the need of info by debating the new challenges and possible solutions, share case studies and offer new opportunities of development to the participants, as it is a known fact that mobile advertising consumption is growing and consumers continue to want to have the last decision on which screen they prefer to watch advertising on. For today’s marketers, translating their brand storytelling across devices must address all age categories, from 0+, moving forward to iGen (millennials), adults and seniors, each of them with specific behavior and characteristics.

Some of the topics to be covered during the event are must-do mobile growth strategies, challenges of age targeted mobile campaign, relevant experiences – the new mobile status, how to improve mobile marketing experience through content marketing, profiling – or how technology is about psychology, the supremacy of accurate data on mobile. More information regarding the event and its speakers are available here.