MTR Press re-launched the Real Estate Magazine

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MTR Press launched the Real Estate Magazine, the only magazine dedicated to the real estate market, re-launched only in the print version. The magazine can be found in the press and distribution network Inmedio. The first number has a distribution of 12.000 copies, 148 pages, covering all the domains and subjects of interest in the real estate market and the related industries.

MTR Press is a media and communication independent company, present in the Romanian market since 2001. The company is active in the glossy publications segment, the online media segment, organizes events and fairs, but also in the custom-made publications aria. From its portfolio we can mention Luxury Magazine, Connect and Photo.

Initially launched in 2008 and suspended on the crisis period, the Real Estate Magazine re-launches now with a new editorial concept and a new graphics. The real estate agencies, the companies and the readers will find pieces of information about the real estate transactions, new residential projects, credits, design and architecture, as well as articles about patrimonial properties, famous homes or news on the international real-estate markets.

The editorial director is the entrepreneur Eduard Uzunov, the founder of the company Regatta Real Estate.

The Real Estate Magazine product is a new challenge of my 23 years of experience and activity in the local real-estate market. We want to bring to the same level the most important persons in the real estate, architecture, design, retails worlds. Our challenge is that the magazine will fly off the shelves in the second day of this appearance, in the context of a magazine that only exists in print, without the online. We also want that the print product gathers around it all the big names in the industry, reunited under a common goal: the promoting of the Romanian real estate and of the people working in this field. Also, in the near future we intent to put the basis of an association that monetizes the business ideas in a clean, white, uncorrupted way,” said Eduard Uzunov, the president of Regatta Real Estate.