Tempo Advertising supports the launch of the album “Loving Romania”

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Tempo Advertising creates brands and supports the work of the talented Romanian artists that also have a social purpose. The agency strongly believes that in order to get from the Romanian society what one wants the most, it came the time to identify the people that through their work and their acts are true examples to follow.carte 2

The last example of the agency’s involvement in the artistic and charitable life is the supporting of the latest project signed Mugur Varzariu, an unique book in the Romanian artistic scenery, that combines the documentary photography from the country with the traditional culinary recipes in the local land.

Mugur Varzariu is a renowned documentary photographer that captures with emotion in his images the reality of the life of one of the most vulnerable people around us. Through his endless work, only with the help of his ideas and his camera, Mugur tries, with vision and emotion, to transmit to all the Romanians, and not only, the message of non-discrimination and tolerance. By the power of his example, Mugur is the advocate of change, a model to be followed by those who wish that through their good acts to transform the world we live into a better place

Corina Grigoriu,

Managing Director Tempo Advertising.

His work of photograph artists of the last three years covers delicate subjects from the Romanian society, such as poverty and intolerance. By himself, most of the times as a volunteer, for Mugur there is no greater happiness that the one to come in help of the vulnerable, neglected, discriminated ones. Due to his efforts many vulnerable communities form different parts of the country have another roof over their head.

Tempo Advertising is always alongside Mugur and supports him in the launch of his album “Loving Romania”, an album that represents a visual journey and that captures the essence of the tradition and authenticity of Romania on three defining dimensions: people, places and food. It’s a collection of people, impressive places, customs and small joys of life.

Apart from the launch event, Tempo Advertising is also supporting the project “Loving Romania” by sponsoring it and re-launching the website of the social artist Mugur Varzariu.

It’s not for the first time that the agency supports beautiful projects, created by Romanian artists that it feels close to. In the Tempo Advertising’s lobby one can find a beautiful Christmas tree, created by Ioana Ciolacu, in charitable purpose and bought by the agency during an action.