J&B Whisky launches the first 360° graphic web series with MNSTR

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As the VR craze sets in, everyone is wondering how it’s going to apply to the world of advertising, French agency MNSTR and client J&B Whisky (Moët Hennessy Diageo) are leading the pack with the launch of the brand’s new « J&B Rare Stories » campaign.

This 4-episode saga is the first graphic web series to feature a 360° virtual reality experience and uses the latest in graphic design and technology. As an agency specializing in storytelling, MNSTR was chosen to develop the experience in order to better express J&B Whisky’s atypical personality and know-how. And with « J&B Rare Stories », they have given viewers the unusual opportunity to immerse themselves into the brand’s unique history.


The agency chose to focus on J&B Whisky’s most iconic element: its label, by extending the use of its distinctive colors, red and yellow, into the graphic universe. The 4-episode saga takes users through the brand’s extraordinary story, beginning with its birth in London in 1750. The following episodes, which will be released one-by-one from now through October, continue through to the Roaring Twenties in the US.

Viewers can explore the historic details with a VR headset or on the brand’s Facebook and YouTube pages.

Everyone is familiar with the iconic J&B red and yellow label. But we never really focus on what’s written, whereas it tells a real saga spanning several eras. A saga of adventurers, which could even be the subject of an HBO series. We thought the public would be interested in learning about the brand’s origin, that there’s a real story of entrepreneurship and risk taking. Whether in the narrative mode, the writing or the articulation of the operation, we took a closer look at the elements of those series that perform the best with our target that work for our target

Louis Bonichon,

Associate Creative Director  MNSTR


A spectacular execution, unseen and unmatched, a true blend of graphic design and technology: this never-before-seen augmented storytelling campaign signifies a strong comeback for the J&B whisky brand on digital

Perrine Lizé,

Associated General Director MNSTR


MNSTR was created in 2010 by strategists and creatives working hand in hand, reconciling online and offline, ideas and implementation. The agency intertwines storytelling with technology, heritage with modernity – or, better yet, creativity with business, seeking to help brands through evolutionary communication and marketing strategies. The agency has on its rooster clients like Lacoste, Salomon, Desperados (Heineken), Maped, Microsoft, Pepsi Cola France, Jaguar and Boucheron.



  • Campaign name: J&B Rare Stories
  • Brand: Moët Hennessy Diageo
  • Brand Management: Tomas Oliva
  • Agency Management: Perrine Lizé, Géraldine Adam
  • Creative Director: Louis Bonichon
  • Artistic Director: et réalisation : Sebastien Iglésias & Matthieu Van Eeckhout
  • Copywriter : Louis Bonichon
  • Production: OKIO
  • Producer: Antoine Cayrol