Brandient for Transavia: Well made in Romania and a new visual identity

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As Transavia – a family business and leading company in Romanian chicken meat industry – celebrated 25 years of existance with a new visual identity, following a rebranding process. With trust, care and responsibility as the main pillars of the business, Transavia can support the highest quality promise, “Well made in Romania”.

The new visual identity focuses on performance, leadership and company’s values, but also on its vision for the future.

In Romania, we got used to think at sports every time when we hear performance; when we say quality, we think at foreign brands; and as many time we hear, we must think just at obligations, not to the opportunity to do something extraordinary. And still, in 25 years, we strived to give other meanings to these words. That is why we assume the responsibility to write on our packaging Well Made in Romania.

Within Transavia team, sincerity, seriosity and care are practiced and, starting July, we will also have a new HQ, as our responsibility is to indure better, safer and more correct work conditions for our employees

Ioan Popa,

Founder & General Manager  Transavia

Brandient, though its office in Bucharest, is the strategy consultant and the designer for Transavia’s brands portfolio during the last 10 years and it was also the agency to manage and implement the project to redefine Transavia’s identity.

Transavia is one of the most known family businesses in Romania, local leader of chicken meat industry operating sustainable with a business model vertically integrated in order to offer the best food standards to consumers. Transavia has 2,000 employtees, 314 spaces in 24 farms dedicated to raise chicken and 4 farms to produce vegetables, along with a nutrients factory, 3 slaughter houses and one meat processing facility. It is the most important meat producer in Romania and has its own farms in 7 Romanian counties.