W+K trio launched new agency Who Wot Why

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Matt Gooden, Sean Thompson and Ben Walker, the creatives who helped build the Honda brand with Cog and Grrr at Wieden and Kennedy, have set up Who Wot Why. Their mission is to make brands famous.


Jazz hands don’t build brands, famous ideas do. Famous ideas change the fortune of a company. That’s where our opportunity lies

The former ECD’s plan and create the work and when required direct the film and content for forward thinking brands.


There are a lot of clients who want to go straight to the source of the ideas. This keeps the work pure and they get more bang for their buck


We ask direct questions. Who Wot Why. The ‘why’ is the really important one – once we’ve uncovered the ‘why’ that’s when we start getting to famous work.

The three stated:

There is so much wallpaper out there. We’re after the small group of clients who actually want fame and are prepared to break at least one rule to get it

The agency has just launched its first campaign Sky Sports Fantasy Football for the client Sky Bet.

Who Wot Why is an independent creative agency based in Shoreditch. They have been operating under the radar to try to attract client business, but are launching officially now.  The agency consists of three ECD’s who have spent their careers changing the fortunes of companies with famous ideas – from Honda, Lurpak and Adidas. They are friends with some of the most inspiring people in the business and can cherry-pick a bespoke team for any project.