Zulu Alpha Kilo for Harley-Davidson: Where Americana meets Americano


Harley-Davidson is known for making motorcycles but now they’re becoming known for making something else: Coffee. The brand has launched 1903: A Harley-Davidson Café. The full-service coffee shop serves as an ode to the brand’s rich history. ‘1903’ being the year the legendary manufacturer was founded. The connection between motorcycles and coffee dates back to 1960s café racer culture. When groups of riders would get together and race simple, stripped down motorcycles from one café to another.

Inside the café, every inch of its design pays homage to Harley’s heritage of old world craftsmanship and quality while maintaining a modern asthetic. Adorning the space are collections of archival photography, tools, restored classic bikes, as well as new bikes that visitors are welcome to hop on for a photo op. Or to get a closer look at a motorcycle they’re interested in purchasing without having to leave the downtown core. Currently, dealerships only exist outside the city, making it difficult for a younger, urban consumer to experience the brand.

1903 was promoted through social media as well as a series of wild postings that were hung in the surrounding neighbourhood. The posters were printed with a specially crafted ink made from the actual coffee served inside the café, giving them the texture and scent of real coffee.

1903: A Harley-Davidson Café is open now through to the end of September.


Agency: Zulu Alpha Kilo

Client (Company): Harley-Davidson Canada

  • Chief Creative Officer: Zak Mroueh
  • Executive Creative Director: Allen Oke
  • Art Director/ACD: Noel Fenn
  • Writer/ACD: Andrew Caie
  • Design Director: Ryan Booth
  • Social:  Curtis Denomme, George Ault, Joel Felker
  • Clients: Anoop Prakash, Jo Figueiredo, Karen Mayberry, Vesa Mikkola, Marco Di Giantomasso, Jayden Rioux, Catherine O’Brien, Daniel Kerr
  • Studio Artists: Greg Hepinstall, Brandon Dyson, Ashleigh O’Brien, Andrew Martin, Amanda Braun
  • Agency Producers: Kari Macknight Dearborn, Laura Dubcovsky, Pam Portsmouth
  • Account Team:  Kerry McKibbin, Maya Adler
  • Strategy: Heidi Philip, Jamie Cuthbertson, Sam Kamiel (Social)
  • Photographer: Michael Headford, Jason Baker, Goldmond Fong, Laura Friedmann, Patrick Nichols, Dan Lim
  • Sound Recording: Ian Reynolds
  • Media Agency:  Jan Kelley
  • Media Team: Stephanie Spinney

PR Agency: Weber Shandwick

  • PR Team: Melissa Graham, Sophie Shin, Dana Frank

Event Company: Construction and fabrication provided by The Mint Agency

  • Construction, Interior design and Fabrication: The Mint Agency Mint Project Management: Andrew Gayle, Jennifer Landgen, Jon Davine
  • Mint Interior Design: Adam Elijah
  • Lead Fabricator: Humberto Garcia

Coffee Ink Producer: Toronto Ink Company / Jason Logan