Corina Grigoriu: “Our goal is to help our clients build consistent, memorable and successful brands”

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Tempo Advertising is one of the independent agencies in Romania with the biggest longevity, reaching its 20 years mark in 2016. Corina Grigoriu is Executive Director Tempo since 2011. AdHugger met witth her and talked about the agency’s past years, but also about the news in 2016.

AdHugger: How has your agency’s positioning changed through the years?

Corina Grigoriu: We had always been a serious adult with a playful kid’s soul. We did not change at all, irrespective of our headcount.

AdHugger: What does the agency stand for now?

Tempo stands for entrepreneurship, dedication and professionalism. The culture at Tempo is obliging everyone to setting the bar always above of what clients ask. We are very critic with ourselves and strive for perfection and bright ideas.


Corina Grigoriu, Executive Director at Tempo Advertising
Corina Grigoriu, Executive Director at Tempo Advertising

AdHugger: How do you want be perceived by the market?

C.G.: Professional, fair, serious, encouraging bold ideas that create surprising experiences.

AdHugger: What are the main projects you are proud of and why?

C.G.: Our goal is to help our clients build consistent, memorable and successful brands, and that can only be done in the long term. That’s why we’re especially proud of all of our projects that build and expand on existing brand equity as part of an ongoing client-agency relationship.

AdHugger: What are the latest accounts won by the agency?

C.G.: Mercedes Benz Romania BTL activities, Bloom Coffee Shop.

AdHugger: What do you offer differently than your competition?

C.G.: We respect our competition and believe the passion and attention to detail, the personal commitment, the entrepreneurial spirit are key. We are one of the few Romanian advertising agencies that have celebrated 20 years of existence and the fact that we are still going strong after all this time, especially in this context in which more and more groups are consolidating their business by acquiring local companies, is a sign of our expertise and passion and the fact that we know how to create real brands for our clients and help them consolidate their business.

AdHugger: How has 2016 been for you so far and what expectations you have for 2017?

C.G.: Like any of the last 20 years. Same as for any of the last 20 years. 🙂 Moreover, it has been a year with full-time work, ever since the beginning of January. There is no seasonality anymore. In terms of clients, we can say we had a very successful beginning of the year with pitches won and new clients.

AdHugger: What are your main goals for the agency?

 C.G.: Produce quality work, leave behind things that makes us proud.

AdHugger: How do you see the Romanian advertising market after 20 years of activity?

C.G.: More sophisticated, but with some of the bad habits. And a lot less naturally passionate.