McCann Montevideo launched I CANN, eau de creativite

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As brands evolve from storytelling to story-making, McCann Montevideo celebrated its 70th anniversary by creating a product that symbolizes its commitment to creativity. The agency has created its own, limited-edition perfume, I CANN Eau de Créativité, with the purpose of making it a medium to boost creativity.


What brands say is important, but more important is what they do. For this reason we wanted to create something special that would reflect McCann’s mission: to make brands play a meaningful role in people’s lives

Leándro Gomez,

McCann Montevideo CEO and General Creative Director

McCann-perfume-bocetos-ManuAccording to Gómez, because McCann’s role is to encourage creativity among clients and in their brand development, the agency wanted to develop a product that would boost creativity among its own people.

In our research we determined that creativity is completely emotional and with no logical process. We also learned that scents are a powerful medium to convey emotions – in fact, 75% of our emotions are connected to scents that immediately take us back to very specific moments of our lives. That is why we wanted to create a sent that symbolizes creativity


The product, named I CANN Eau de créativité, was created in a unisex formula with citric fruit notes. But the bottle posts instructions about the application of the scent: The bottle cannot be opened until a BIG IDEA is found.

McCann-perfume-bocetos-PaulaThe first application onto the skin must be made after a peak moment of creativity. In this way, the aromatic notes will be fixed in the user’s olfactory memory, associating the scent with the momentum of creative discovery.

Users must repeat the proper application at least three times to successfully establish the connection between the scent and creativity.

The name of the perfume – “I CANN” – emphasizes that everybody can develop and express the power of their own creativity, and the campaign to promote it was starred by the agency staff.


  • Creative direction: Leandro Gómez Guerrero
  • Copywriters: Leandro Gómez Guerrero, José Majó
  • Art directors: Gerardo Podhajny, Michel Donatte
  • Project manager: Sabina Ricagni
  • Production: Natalia Azzato
  • Video Edditing: Franco Ricagni
  • Photographer: Punchi Barriola, MAGOYA