2Performant Network migrated 2Parale’s entire portfolio on the global 2Performant.com platform

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2Performant Network migrated 2Parale’s entire portfolio on the global  2Performant.com platform following an over 300,000 euro investment. The ecosystem of 50,000 users generating monthly over 50,000 online sales and 5M clicks was moved with 0 downtime and as the platform continuously registered all the traffic and all the transactions.

Starting August 6th, all 2Performant activity takes place on the new platform, no matter the country or currency the partners are using. This change involves a significant upgrade of the platform when it comes of offered services and functionalities. The Euro 300,000 investment was directed towards developing a proprietary technology, a process that lasted around 18 months. The tech laying as basis for 2Performant is built in Ruby on Rails, AngularJS, MongoDB, MySQL and hosted on Amazon Web Services infrastructure. The entire portfolio of 500 advertisers and 49,000 network affiliates was moved without other actions or supplementary efforts on their side.

Among other facilities offered by 2Performant is the possibility to work with over 30 different currencies and to scale very easy in case of traffic spikes happening during events such is Black Friday

After 8 years during which we can say we contributed to developing Romanian e-commerce market, it is the moment to make the next step and go to a global brand and a modern platform. The tech challenge to merge 2 different marketing platforms – 2Parale and 2Performant – without stopping the activity of either one of them was very big – I want to thank especially to the tech team that fulfilled this duty at a remarkable level, with a sustained effort of 18 months, but also to the operational team who supported continuously the relation with clients and all users during this entire change. We are very happy to be able to present now a platform which would allow us soon to test affiliation on any market in the workd, without any bareers or intermediaries, and I am happy many of our partners already received very well the new platform and already started to profit of their new existent options. For example, Vola, one of our most important clients, already switched to weekly commission payments for affiliates, right after the migration

Dorin Boerescu,

CEO 2Performant Network

For 2016, 2Performant Network aims to consolidate its business on Romanian and Bulgarian markets, where it estimates a 40% increase, and then in Poland and Croatia. In this context, the estimated business turnover mounts to €2.7M (RON 12M).

During its 8 years of existence on Romanian market, 2Parale intermediated 1.77M online transactions with a total value of €73M (RON 328M) and generated a traffic of 197M clicks in advertisers’ online stores.

The total value of the commissions received by 2Parale’s affiliates until now is of over €4M (RON 18M). The biggest commission ever received by a 2Parale affiliate was of €862 (RON 3,857), corresponding to the biggest online transaction via 2Parale: 29 computers with a total value of €8.724 (RON 39,000)