Romanian Effie 2016 completes the judging process with a debate held by 10 moderators

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Starting the 2016 edition, Effie Romania aligns fully to the international format of the festival, expanding Effie’s mission from a festival awarding efficient marketing campaigns towards a platform with multiple events, workshops and materials focused on learning and feedback for efficient marketing. The purpose is to increase the standards of Romanian marketing and communication market by relaying know-how and debates to complete the recognition offered by Effie trophies.

One of the main modifications was operated to the judging process, where moderated debates were introduced.

The 10 moderators who will have the role of initiating and handling discussions between the members of the jury (which includes top management professionals from companies and ad agencies) are

  • Adina Nica, Managing Director Open-I Research
  • Adriana Gherman, CMK Senior Manager The Procter & Gamble Company
  • Angela Gavrilescu, Senior Consultant The Network
  • Dan Zloteanu Business Consultant & Marketing Researcher MRI Research & Consulting / part of TheNetwork
  • Diana Flutur, Managing Director, Owner MRI Research & Consulting / part of TheNetwork
  • Eusediu Mărgăsoiu, Managing Partner The Network
  • Iuri Constantinov, Marketing Director The Nielsen Company
  • Mihaela Alexandru, Research Director 360Insights
  • Mădălina Cârstea, Custom Research & Strategy Director GFK
  • Narcis Horhoianu, Marketing Director Heineken România.

If previously each of the 60 jury members was evaluating individually the case studies, the new strategy encourages discussions between them. Moderators role will be to create the context in which the members of the jury to understand as good as possible the specifics of each category and of each case study, via helping questions aiming to eliminate any possible misunderstanding. Moreover, all those discussions will contribute, in the end, to Effie Insight Guide – a material to summarize the most important reactions and suggestions of the jurors regarding the trends noticed following the judging sessions. Effie Insight Guide will serve as an instrument aimed to help agencies and clients to create campaigns as efficient as possible and get a better overview of the market.

The submitting for cases, judging and moderation will take place on a frame consisting of four key points (Communications challenge and objectives, Strategic insights and idea, Bringing the idea to life & Results). There will be 2 judging rounds and 2 awards ceremonies, first focused on nominees and second on winners. This new aspect, also introduced this year for the firs time, accentuates the fact that focus isn’t on the awards ceremony any longer, but switched to the learning process.

The entry period for Romanian Effies 2016 lasts until August 25th, with Effie Nominees Gala scheduled for September 8th and Effie 2016 Awards Gala scheduled for September 22nd.

In Romania, Effie Awards is a main event for marketing and communication industry and is organized by IAA Romania, in partnership with Romanian Advertising Agencies Association (UAPR) and implemented by The Institute