Consultancy: Poison, drugs and noxious weeds – the must have beauty products for 2016


The Future Laboratory consultancy today unveiled the ten extraordinary ingredients set to change the face of the beauty industry. From the unpalatable to the illicit and downright unusual, the unlikely ingredients will soon be beauty must haves.

Number one on the list is cannabis. Hemp seed oil has always been a beauty industry staple but, brands are experimenting with its cousin marijuana and its narcotic derivatives to treat acne and eczema prone skin.

On the back of the paleo food trend, second placed tallow, is a rendered form of fat derived from buffalo meat and rich in vitamins and omega, making it a new favourite for face and body preparation.


In third place is a new anti-stress ingredient neurophroline which is the first ingredient known to block cortisol and boost endorphin release, improving skin tonality and luminosity.

Yam is next and is already popular, particularly in the Korean market, as a skin tightening product. At number five, ultramarine is a building block in the production of foundations for darker skins and is set to change the beauty market.

Number six, is mongongo oil, derived from the fruit of the manketti tree, is high in antioxidants, tocopherols and linoleic acid and is tipped to be the next super oil.

The latest animal- derived poison, which is used to plump and improve the skin’s elasticity is jellyfish vernom, at number seven. It’s already being used in Diet Esthetic’s jellyfish venom essence range.

Sunday Riley and Kardashian haircare ranges use black seed oil, at number eight, as it’s rich in minerals and vitamins but is also known as an energy and immunity booster.

The penultimate ingredient is noxious weeds, which has derived from the Invasivore food movement which promotes the consumption of invasive plant and animal species. Brands are using invasive wilding pine trees to create an anti-viral and anti-inflammatory oil.

At number ten is gac, used as protection against everyday elements and as a moisturiser, Gac is set to be a popular ingredient in the US and European beauty markets.

We are excited to unveil the new ingredients that will be taking the industry by storm in the upcoming months. Moving on from Donkey Milk and Snail slime, the new ingredients are far more plant based and organic. While some of the ingredients are controversial, don’t be surprised if they are in your make-up bag this time next year.

Victoria Buchman,

Trend Analyst The Future Laboratory

The findings form part of The Future Laboratory’s Future of Beauty report that reveals market insights, key trends, case studies and new consumer behavior set to impact the beauty industry in the next.

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