Ingenico on mCommerce trends

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Ingenico released recently an infographic related to the global mCommerce trends.

According to the infographic, the global mCommerce is estimated to reach to over $1 trillion in 2019.

Ingenico’s data shows that 34% of global retail eCommerce is conducted on mobile devices, with mShoppers preferring smartphones (60%) over tablets (40%). The same data shows that mobile apps drive more transactions (54%) than mobile browsers (46%).

In US, mCommerce is estimated to represent 45% of eCommerce, to reach as much as $632 BN by 2020. In the same time, in China the number of mShoppers quadrupled over the past three years, reaching to 236M.

UK is estimated to post a rise in mCommerce by 2018 and estimated to reach 53,6BN pounds within 10 years, while Brazil has mCommerce representing over 20% of eCommerce, while mShoppers are almost evenly splitted between smartphones and tablets.

On the other hand, France is the 3rd largest eCommerce European market, but only 21% of it is represented by eCommerce (which makes it rank 6th in Europe)

When it comes on mShopping, most bought goods are fashion and luxury ones. In US, mShopping is having top spikes during the morning commute, at lunch time and then again after 8 p.m. Brits mostly mShop at home, while in bed, on the couch or in the kitchen.

People around the world are spending more time shopping on their mobile device then ever before, but most of their money is still spent on deskstops. This opens up endless possibilities for merchants who want to tap into mCommerce and connect with customers through new channels

Sajah Agarwal,

Chief Innovation Officer Ingenico ePayments