TeComm: Marketing strategy – a main factor to the success or fail of an online business

Business, e-Commerce

The sales of an online store depend mainly on the efficiency of the marketing campaigns it runs. A well thought promo campaign generates traffic and optimizes user’s experience in e-store so he won’t leave the store without buying. In the same time, an innefficient campaign doesn’t generate profit and can cause capital losses.

Some of the most used marketing tactics in eCommerce are PPC,  SEM, SEO, display advertising, marketing afiliat and e-mail marketing.

At TeCOMM eCommerce Conference&Expo there will be a special session dedicated to marketing specialists, where experts from Romania and from abroad will speak and, among them, Catalina Ionescu, Client Partner eCommerce CEE Facebook, Lucia Ciuca, Managing Director Quantum Data Science, or Marius Deak, Fondator&CEO GreenPixel.