Regional GM @eBay, to attend ecomTeam Romania in the end of March

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Ilya Kretov, General Manager eBay Russia and Europe Emerging Countries, will be present for the first time in Romania in March (22-23), when he will attend to ecomTEAM, a regional event dedicated to e-commerce and organized in Brasov.

It is the first time when a top manager from eBay comes to Romania. In the past, there were numerous rumors regarding an eBay intention to invest in Romania, rumors usually dismissed by company’s communication teams.

Ilya Kretov is General Manager eBay for Russia and Emerging Markets since November 2016, after he previously had the deputy position. He joined eBay in 2013, as marketing director. Previously, he worked for Google and Mars

Other speakers attending Romania’s ecomTeam this year are Fernando Muñoz, Spanish SEO expert, and Maarten Deboo, CEO Baldwin and Wizmo, along with Romanian Florinel Chis, Romanian father-son couple Sorin Psatta and Matei Psatta, Alex Axon and Catalin Stefanescu, UI/UX specialists from Zitec, Daniel Nicolescu, formerly PayU and initiator of Symphopay. Other speakers are executives from Fan Courier, Valentin Radu – Omniconvert, or Ionut Grossu –