Pamela Anderson + Coco de Mer, a different kind of Valentine’s Day in an ad from The Full Service & Rankin

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Coco de Mer, the luxury lingerie and erotica fashion house, recruited Pamela Anderson as its International Brand Ambassador and already worked together on the first of their joint projects – a new film by The Full Service and Rankin, with Pamela centre frame radiating sensuality on film, empowering women to take back control of Valentine’s Day.

The film was shot in London specifically for Valentine’s Day 2017 and marks the first of a number of projects planned between Coco de Mer and Pamela Anderson.

The film shows Pamela returning home to her apartment. As she undresses and prepares for a steamy Valentine’s night ahead, we are led to believe she is awaiting the arrival of a lucky man. But, with the mother of all twists, the film turns on its heads and shocks audiences as she enjoys a far more sensual and enjoyable evening.

Lucy Litwack, Managing Director of Coco de Me:

Ever since Pamela and I first met we have discovered so many shared passions that it seemed such a natural step for Pamela to become Coco de Mer’s International Brand Ambassador. Pamela has such empathy with our fashion and our thinking and will be a natural ambassador, engaging with our customers around the world in a wonderfully inspiring and empowering way. We wanted to make a film that put some femininity and passion back into Valentines Day and we think Pamela and Coco de Mer have accomplished that along with a sprinkling of liberation.

Pamela Anderson:

I have a real attraction to Coco de Mer which produces such beautiful lingerie. I appreciate the way that Lucy and her team have developed the Coco de Mer philosophy, it is so complimentary to my own. The designs are always seductive, luxurious and fashion relevant, it’s not difficult to see why the brand has such appeal. This has been an inspiring experience and I am really excited about future collaborations with Coco de Mer.


Pamela continually challenges herself and those around her, which made her ideal for Coco de Mer. The Full Service wanted to create something that played with people’s perceptions of Valentine’s Day. It’s a punchy move from Coco de Mer, but is testament to the brand and the powerhouse creativity of The Full Service’s concept that everyone was totally up for it.

Campaign credits

Strategy, Creative, Production : The Full Service

Creative Copywriter: Ralph Mathers

Managing Director TFS: Maruska Mason

Director: Rankin

Production: Nick Forbes Watson & Jordan Rossi

Director of Photography: Tony Miller

Hair: Jonathan Connelly

Make Up: Andrew Gallimore

Nails: Kelly Shenton

Styling: Anna Hughes-Chamberlain

BTS: Chris Fernandez

Grading: Simona Cristea at Rushes