Action launches new corporate identity and appoints new CEO

Business, PR, Specialized Communication

Action Global Communications launched a new fresh and simple corporate identity and appointed a new CEO, Chris Christodoulou, who has taken over from the Group’s founder Tony Christodoulou.

A visionary regional communications network established 45 years ago, Action has always focused on emerging markets and is now the leading independent communications network in Russia, CIS, the Baltics, Eastern Europe, the Balkans, the Middle East and North Africa. The past few years have seen a rapid improvement in digital technologies in these regions, which has been reflected in the way that PR services are now executed, with digital now playing a greater role than ever before.

The new brand has been designed with a simple and modern motif to represent the effective and efficient communications results that Action delivers across more than 40 countries, and to recognise the addition of the dedicated Action Digital brand to the Group’s services.

Chris Christodoulou, CEO of Action Global Communications:

While Action’s long history has been rooted in traditional PR, what we are seeing in emerging markets is a surge in technological development and digital communications. This is also impacting the way we execute strategic communications, with more clients than ever before not only wanting digital PR services, but requiring digital to play a much larger role in their companies’ outreach to customers and stakeholders.

As part of our new brand and the recent introduction of Action Digital to our offering, our bespoke digital communication services are now an integral part of our core client services.

While Action maintains in-market communications practitioners in all its operational markets, the Group is focusing on core regional hubs in Dubai, Russia, Kazakhstan, Cyprus, Belgium and Algeria. Moving forward, the Group will further boost its hubs with regional digital experts and creative talent to provide localised strategies and develop inspirational campaigns.

The expansive Action network’s capacity for heightened cultural understanding in each of its operational countries continues to see the Group attract more and more business from the European Union, an ever-growing client for the network in recent years. Via its office in Brussels, the Action Diplomacy division provides international communications experts to manage in-market projects for specific EU communications campaigns. Over and above the work that has been done using its own network, Action managed EU projects in Japan, the USA, Mongolia, Panama, Brazil, Nigeria, and many other countries around the world.

We work with many multi-national companies and it is clear that the advantage of having local offices and local experts on the ground can never be underestimated (…) There is incredible diversity across our core markets and at the heart of what we do is provide consultation to clients operating in culturally diverse regions to ensure that their PR activities deliver successful and meaningful results.

With our talented teams around the network, our promise to clients is to bring authentic, relevant insights to companies and help them to create meaningful connections with their audiences to become credible voices that build trust. While we have already had 45 years of success, we are enjoying the evolution of PR and we believe that with Action, there is so much more to come.

Chris Christodoulou