Fifth Dimension – the first VR escape room in Romania, a EUR 70.000 investment

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The spring brings news on the Romanian entertainment market with the launch of Fifth Dimension – the first virtual reality escape room in Romania. Located on 5, Transilvaniei Street, the virtual reality center has 3 rooms with 4 places each, being open all week long, Monday to Sunday, during 12:00-00:00.

On a very fragmented Bucharest market, despite the novelty of the concept, characterized by a high level of competition and populated with various escape rooms with diverse themes and different difficulty degrees, the Fifth Dimension studio is the only one in Romania that means escaping the real world and stepping into the virtual reality.

With an initial investment of EUR 70.000, the studio offers latest generation technical conditions and a first game – Cosmos – that does not only familiarizes the youngsters with the concept of virtual reality but it also represents a first step through which Fifth Dimension brings in Romania the same instruments and ways of spending the available free time, at an international level.

Alexandru Petre, Founder & Managing Partner Fifth Dimension Gaming Center

Before launching Fifth Dimension we documented ourselves in depth about this concept that we wanted to develop and it combines several components: virtual reality, escape rooms, strategy games – things that we had to know about ourselves as well in order to be able to offer the Romanian public the most special and up to the point experience. Over 75 percent of the investment was generated by the technical aspects and the licenses for the games that we are bringing especially as a sign of respect for the local market. We know that the Romanians are good connoisseurs of the technology and are passionate by every novelty in the field and we hope they would be as captivated by the new concept as we were,” said Alexandru Petre, Founder & Managing Partner Fifth Dimension Gaming Center.

The virtual reality implies the players using Oculus Rift headsets that are generating realistic images, sounds and other sensations that reproduce or create images in realistic or futuristic environments, and Leap Motion sensors that helps you interact with the hands in the game without using the joysticks or other controllers. The virtual reality stimulates the player’s and his physical presence in the given environment. It involves the player’s immersion into a simulated, tri-dimensional reality, created with the help of the interactive software and hardware, giving him/her a special experience.

The virtual reality players are interacting with the features in a new reality, influencing the development of the activity in the game. This type of game surpasses any involvement that could ever have a player in any other type of gaming, whether it’s a console or an usual escape room.  Fifth Dimension chose for the launch the game Cosmos especially because the users have the same types of experiences as if they were in a real space ship in cosmos. Besides the really impressive decors, the players are immersed in a world with zero gravity and the challenge is even bigger,” concluded Alexandru Petre.