Notino appoints Gabriela Lungu as its Global CMO, starts rebranding of Romanian Aoro

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Starting March 1st, Gabriela Lungu was appointed Global CMO of Notino, international group founded in 2004 by Czech entrepreneur Michal Zámec. The company has its global headquarter in Brno (Czech Republic) and offices in several countries, including Romania, where it is present as Aoro, which will soon undergo a rebranding to take group’s name. Last year, the group had a turnover of Euro 220M.

Present in Deloitte top 50 online companies, Notino is present in 14 European countries (France, Italy, Germany, Austria, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Slovakia, Ukraine, Bulgaria and Romania) and also in US and UK. For the current year, the group plans to expand on 5 new markets.

Since its launch, the group was active on different countries under different names (for example in Romania or in Czech Republic). In the end of 2016, group’s management decided to integrate all its operations under a single name, Notino. The rebranding process started at that time in Czech Republic, Germany and Austria, and continues with key markets, including Romania.

Starting March 1st, Gabriela Lungu was appointed as Global Chief Marketing Officer Notino, a move marking the entrance of the company in a new phase of its existence.

Notino has very ambitious plans for the future; we are in the middle of a global rebranding process and we will launch on new markets this year. It is the perfect moment to intensify the marketing activities and up them to a superior level. We are counting on Gabriela’s international expertise, on the results she knows to get through creativity and integration of different communication disciplines, on her experience in leadership; her entrepreneurial DNA fits perfectly the one of our company. These are elements that will help us very much in the following period, both for Notino at global level and for Aoro by Notino in Romania

Michal Zámec,

Founder & CEO Notino

I am happy to join Notino’s managerial team and to work with Michal and our colleagues to turn plans into reality. Notino is a successful international business combining two very dynamic domains which are very familiar for me, beauty and tech; I wish that Notino’s brand and communication would reflect better this effervescence. My main objective is to transform Notino in a brand who inspires not just helps, a brand with a higher purpose, social, with a role in our consumers’ lives and a connection with them beyond our products’ benefits or the functionality of the services we are offering. I am proud to be in Romania between my countrymen for the start of the process of rebranding Aoro into Notino; it is just a first step, we have many more to make during the next period, but one can expect pleasant surprises in the future

Gabriela Lungu,

Global Chief Marketing Officer Notino

Romanian online beauty products retailer Aoro started the rebranding by becoming Aoro by Notino and will change its name to Notino in a few months. The change aims to inform Romanian buyers Aoro is part of the international group. In Romania, Aoro was launched in 2009 and has over half million loyal clients. Its turnover was of over Euro 18M in 2016, up 15% compared to 2015