Jazz creates a new campaign for Provident

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After launching a vast visual identity change process in 2016, Provident announces the launch of a new platform in Romania, aligned with the new brand philosophy. Provident will continue to offer its clients in 2017 fast and accessible credits that will supports its initiatives.

Named “Merita sa faci un pas inainte” (It’s worth taking a step ahead), the new platform created by the Jazz team starts from the strategic idea according to which the satisfaction and the emotions generated in fulfilling a desire, a plan or a dream, are surpassing their material value.

Communication has a motivational and optimist tone and stakes on, at the same time, the emotion of the stories told by the characters in the moments when they truly feel that the investments in the personal plans or in the desires for the dear ones were worth it.

We’ve built the Provident brand with a lot of care, listening to the stories of our clients and trying, with smaller or bigger steps, to take in account the changes in their behavior and their expectations. From urgent needs to ideas put in practice and now to the emotion and satisfaction of a personal decision, the brand evolved together with the clients. It was time for a change, carefully prepared by the previous campaigns and aligned to the diversification of the portfolio of offered products,” said Marilena Barliga, Marketing Director Provident Financial Romania.

The first TV spot from the series of executions under the new platform illustrates the moment in which the father holds his child in his arms and proudly looks at the room he prepared for the small one. That is the moment in which the father realizes that the investment was worth it.

If until now Provident was talking on a rational tone about the opportunities and needs that the people could make happening with a simple and fast loan, the new platform allows us to concentrate on the moment in which the already made investment bears fruit: has built the comfort of the home, generated a child’s performance and parent’s happiness, fulfilled an older wish, a passion, or contributed to a new step in the career. Those are the kind of moments that we all live and with which we all resonate,” said Simona Suman, Group Creative Director Jazz Communication.

The integrated campaign includes strategy services, ATL, digital, PR and social media, consolidating the visual identity change campaign of last year.

The Provident Financial Romania team:

Marilena Barliga – Marketing Director

Narcisa Gheorghe – Brand & Content Marketing Specialist

The Jazz Communication team:

Valentin Suciu –  Creative Partner

Simona Suman- Group Creative Director

George Bucurescu – Copywriter

Krisztina Maier – Art Director

Alexandra Vestineanu – Account Director

Andreea Dragan – Senior Account Executive

Loredana Saru – Client Service Director