Smartbell equipped to Polish bikes by FCB and AXA

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FCB Warsaw and AXA, European leading insurance firms, created “Smartbell” to help make the roads less dangerous for cyclists.

Every day, in cities around the world, cyclists are struck by cars because they are not seen or heard. The Smartbell equips cyclists with their first-ever “bike insurance,” a bell that transmits a signal through car radios to alert drivers about approaching bicycles, allowing both cyclists and vehicles to safely share the road.


  • Chief Creative Officer: Luis Dias
  • Creative Director: Gosia Drozdowska, Agnieszka Klimczak
  • Copywriter: Mikolaj Stefanski
  • Art Director: Kaja Dobrzańska
  • Account Director: Monika Sosnowska
  • Account Manager: Marlena Mikina
  • Agency Producer: Robert Wawszczyk
  • Product Constructor: Szymon Peplinski
  • Product Designer: Adrian Dutkowski