Dan Mogosanu: “We offer the clients a completely stress-free experience in working with an agency”

Advertising, Events, Marketing, People

Bachelor in Communication and Public Relations from the University of Journalism and Mass Communication, he started working in advertising in 2003 at Funky Business. After 11 years of experience in marcomm and being Director of Special events in important agencies such as V+O Communication and GMP, Dan Mogosanu launched in 2014 his own advertising agency – Publikon. AdHugger met with him and found out more insights about the agency he is now running.

AdH: How is a day of your professional life?

Usually an early start, my day practically starts the moment I wake up and start reading emails. From that moment on I just try to make the best out of everything that day has to offer. I mostly split my time between conference calls, meetings and worksheets J.

AdH: What made you decide to enter advertising and why did you later choose BTL?

Actually, when I first began working in advertising I’m sure I didn’t know what I was getting into J.  Just seemed like the best path I could have followed at that point, almost 15 years ago. And regarding me choosing a career in event management, I like to think that I didn’t choose that, it chose me.

Funny story: it all begun while I was a freshman, with a poster I saw in one of the elevators of the university. In 3 weeks, I started working as an intern in an event management agency.

AdH: What do you consider to have been the most important decisions you took in you professional life so far and why?

Not to settle for less and understand the true meaning of “there is always a way”.  This practically guided my path especially in the last 5 years.

AdH: What are your main accomplishments so far?

Starting my own company and finding the courage to do that. Also, consistency in my career and diversity in terms of brands and industries I have been working for in the past 15 years.

AdH: Why choosing the entrepreneurial side?

Seemed like the next logical step.

AdH: Pros and cons for being one.


  • It gives you the ability to decide who the clients you partner with are.
  • It allows you to create a workplace environment as well as a business model tailored to your objectives and needs, in which you can implement the best practices while at the same time keeping in mind that a company’s well-being resides in its employees and their well-being.
  • You constantly grow, as you are dealing with all the business, operational and strategic aspects of a business.


  • Constantly dealing with challenges from a different perspective than you were previously used to.

AdH: Main challenges since launching Publikon.

In the very beginning, one challenge was creating a functional working mechanism that both allowed us to do business “our way” (which was already a key-feature appreciated by our clients) while at the same time not letting us forget why we starting working in this field (fun, diversity, creativity)

Now we are facing the same challenges any player on this market faces in this stage of a business: growing our clients portfolio.

AdH: What does the name represent and how did you choose it?

Publikon represents the core objective of everything that we do – activate the interest of the consumer towards our clients’ products, services or causes.

AdH: What do you want people to think when they think about your agency?

We want them to completely understand and put at use our motto “elaborate simplicity”. The most elaborated solutions are not always the most complicated ones. Even if the idea seems hard to implement, there is always a way to do it – which is not necessarily outrageously expensive, time-consuming, stressful or similar.

AdH: What does Publikon offer differently on the BTL market?

Is not what we offer differently, is what our past and present clients always appreciate at us – a completely stress-free experience in working with an agency. We become their team in the cloud.

AdH: What type of client do you want in your portfolio at this moment?

The type of client that fully trusts the agency, understands their needs and that will respond to our hard work and dedication with respect.

AdH: Are you interested in taking part in festivals with Publikon? What is your take on that?

Not for the moment. When taking part in festivals will be in the best interest of our clients, then we, together, might decide to consider this option.

AdH: How would you characterize the Romanian advertising market at this point?

Volatile and a director’s cut scene from “House of Cards”.